Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks to Yahoo News for photos of PROLIFE march in DC

I love to see the photos on Yahoo News, BBC news and CNN news. here are some links to my favorite photos from the annual March for Life in Washington DC on the 23rd of January,2011, via Yahoo News:;_ylt=A0wNcwbJAD9NbvcAGjtpaP0E;_ylu=X3oDMTE3bWgzYzNqBHBvcwM0BHNlYwN5bl9zbGlkZXNob3cEc2xrA2F5b3VuZ3Byby1saQ--/
11:00 AM 1/25/2011
And this photo of March for Life:;_ylt=A0wNcnh6AT9NuzUAwAXmWMcF/
And this one:;_ylt=A0wNcnexAT9NCmgAsAXmWMcF/
And this one with prolifers as far as eye could see ";_ylt=A0wNcnnyAT9NzFsApwnmWMcF/
And this one of a giant cross on someone's shoulder:;_ylt=A0wNcnX4AT9NA1wBsArmWMcF/
and this protestor:;_ylt=A0wNcnB6Aj9NyD4ASADmWMcF/
And these protestors:;_ylt=A0wNcnWEAj9NBE4BTAnmWMcF/

Remember that human life is a gift of GOD. Never destroy human life. The only occasions when that is permitted in GOD's laws are when a country/state/government has found someone guilty of a capitol crime of murder with premeditation and the government puts to death the murderer for
crimes of killing humans with premeditation. That is necessary to bring about law and order in any society, and cause peace among the people instead of fear and anxiety.
Gloria Poole,RN; 11:16am;25/Jan/2011;at my apt in Missouri

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