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An absence of consensus is not an absence of truth by Prolife Nurse Gloria Poole,RN

I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist, am updating this with some of the latest prolife news and events. I am numbering for ease of reference.

1) Excellent quote: " But an absence of consensus does not imply an absence of truth." From :

2) "Ladies for Life" tea in La Crosse Wisconsin "was hosted by Pro-Life Wisconsin’s affiliate group, Life League of La Crosse, and provided an excellent source of education, fellowship, and encouragement for pro-Life women in the La Crosse area."

3) Chloe helps Gov Corbett sign a prolife bill giving resources to Down's syndrome children:

4) "Protecting unborn children is, as Dr. Alveda King told the NRLC Convention Prayer Breakfast, the “continuation of the Civil Rights Movement.” She added, “Abortion is one of the greatest Civil Rights issues of our time.”

5) The good, prolife citizens of Troy, Ohio need to protest the effort by their city to silence #prolifers:

6) CBR Virginia prolife bootcamp details scheduled for August 29th:

7) From :; article : "Anger of pro-life activists as police officer watches protester tear down their display of very graphic posters but doesn't act on their complaints Footage shows protesters stealing the displays in Jackson, Mississippi ."

Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter |

8) Calaveras County Calif defies ACLU over recognizing religious institutions that help pregnant women:

9) Voters in Louisiana beware: Senator Mary Landrieu of La is not prolife:

"The Louisiana Right to Life Federation gives Landrieu only a 27 percent score while she has a 100% pro-abortion record according to National Right to Life. She has also voted for a resolution that supports Roe v. Wade, the decision that made abortion in the United States legal." But her opponent Rob Maness is prolife and said: "As a Senator, I will support our values, our families, and more importantly life. Without life we have no liberty. Life is our most basic right, the right from which all our other rights derive. Everyone has not only the right to life, but a responsibility to protect it, especially for those that can't protect themselves." From : If you read this article close the FEMA attempt to hijack the article by clicking the x in top corner.

10) Prolife Congressman running for office in Michigan : Contact him at:

11) Rockford's Face the Truth event is Aug 12th:

12) Massachusetts voters contact your State legislators to stop Massachusetts from accomplishing an run-around of Supreme Court decision about buffer zones being unconstitutional:

13) National Right to Life academy:

Quote: "The National Right to Life Academy brings some of the brightest pro-life college students to Washington and gives them an intensive summer course on every aspect of the pro-life movement, from bioethics to lobbying; from fetal development to how to effectively spread the pro-life message in the media." And : "Some of our students this summer were giving informative speeches on the development of the unborn child. The assignment is a great way for them to learn the medical facts and to practice presenting a pro-life message to the public at the same time." From :

14) Interview with Claire Chretien, President of Bama Students for Life: with quote:

"As president of the campus’s pro-life club, Bama Students for Life, she worked with Alliance Defending Freedom when the university threatened the First Amendment rights of the pro-life students on campus."

m 15) is one of my prolife blogs and I updated it with info and resources for midwives.

16) I put my protest of how feminists have warped the U S on another blog of mine at: Read words to understand image.

17) I updated on July 18th. #savethebabyhumans

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

PROLIFE news around the world, by Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri

1) Quote: "That Gandhi had it pegged: "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

He also said, "it seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime."

from :


3) Missing prolife activist:

4) Another win for prolifers and preborn humans:

Quote:"U.S. Judge Lee Yeakel has held that an Austin, Texas, ordinance targeting these women-helping centers was “unconstitutionally vague and violates Plaintiffs’ Fourteenth Amendment guarantee of due process.”

And quote: "“Political allies of abortionists shouldn’t be allowed to use the law as a tool to attack pregnancy care centers, which offer real help and hope to women,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Matt Bowman. ”As the district court found, Austin’s ordinance was so vague that it allowed the city dangerous latitude in punishing pro-life organizations".


5) "Biking for Babies" quote: ""The purpose of Biking for Babies is to provide women with the information and resources they need to choose life for their children," said Winter, who is studying to become an ordained Catholic priest. "We hope that through raising awareness for the great work that crisis pregnancy centers do around the country that women will have a real alternative to abortion." And: "Money raised through Biking for Babies goes toward organizations and centers that provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD testing and treatment, counseling, childbirth and newborn care classes. This year's fundraising goal is $100,000.

"More than anything," said Winter, "I hope that our ride this summer will help people to see what a beautiful gift life is and that through our joy they will be inspired to do what they can to help others to have the opportunity for the same gift."

More information is available at"


6) Quote: "Local Wisconsin Catholics are organizing protests outside a La Crosse Catholic-affiliated hospital that they say is employing up to three abortionists on staff. While the protesters acknowledge that the abortionists don’t perform abortions at the Catholic hospital itself, they say it is unacceptable for the hospital to be affiliated with abortionists in any way, and are calling for the hospital to sever ties with the doctors."

From : [Reminder: I am Southern Baptist Christian, not catholic.]

7) Quote: " A state law allowing for buffer zones at abortion clinics, within which pro-life protesters would be barred, will not be enforced until further notice, Attorney General Joseph Foster said in a Wednesday filing with the state’s federal court.

Foster informed the court that the law, scheduled to become effective Thursday, will not be enforced until the court can conduct a hearing and render a decision relative to a lawsuit filed by seven pro-life activists against Foster and every county attorney in the state." From:

8) Quote: "On November 19, 2013, Created Equal Executive Director Mark Harrington was arrested outside of an Albuquerque, NM polling location for lawfully expressing his free speech rights. As video of the arrest reveals, Harrington abided by the state law that allows campaigning 100 feet outside of a polling location. Though he did not cross the line, he was arrested for allegedly trespassing. Today, a municipal court judge in Albuquerque, NM dismissed the case against Harrington. Clearly, the arrest violated his first amendment right to free speech. The fact is, when the property owners leased space to the polling center they relinquished their right to keep campaigners off of their property during the vote."


+ 9) Get involved in Ireland's prolife battle :

+ 10) Quote: "Given an Islamic perspective to the theme of the Pro-Life Seminar, Alfa Awwal Muftau, a Muslim scholar, noted that abortion is bad as according to him God has not sent anybody to kill for Him insisting that nothing justifies killings by any person or group. "Do not kill your children for fear of poverty for Allah would provide for them. Killing of children both born and unborn is a great sin".


+ 11) Quote: "A group of pro-life activists has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block a new law allowing buffer zones at abortion clinics across New Hampshire."


+ 12) This anti-life news is relevant because prolifers have to know of push by ngo to eradicate the human race: Quote: "With the help of the Gates Foundation an MIT offshoot has developed a wireless contraceptive that can be implanted under a woman’s skin. The chip, which can be activated to release a small amount of hormone wirelessly, is expected to last for sixteen years, or most of a woman’s best childbearing life. It can be turned on and off at will".


+ 13) Quote; "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)'s contraceptive mandate forces insurance coverage for items antithetical to the purpose of one of the nation's oldest pro-life organizations, March for Life alleges in a July 7 complaint (March for Life, Jeanne F. Monahan and Bethany A. Goodman v. Sylvia M. Burwell, et al., No. 14-1149, D. D.C.)."


+ 14) Quote: "Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the district court of Jönköping County Council in Sweden on behalf of a midwife whom three different medical clinics denied employment because she will not assist with abortions.

“No one deserves to be denied a job simply because she is pro-life,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Roger Kiska. “International laws to which Sweden is obligated recognize freedom of conscience and make clear that being pro-abortion cannot be a requirement for employment, nor can medical facilities force nurses and midwives with a conscience objection to assist with practices that can lead to an abortion.” And: "In November 2013, Höglandssjukhuset women’s clinic rescinded a job offer as a midwife from Ellinor Grimmark after she explained that she could not perform abortions because of her Christian faith. The head of the maternity ward left her a telephone message saying that “she was no longer welcome to work with them” and questioned “whether a person with such views actually can become a midwife.”


+ 15)

+ 16) Face the truth campaign July 11-19 in Illinois:

+ 17) And in Joliet, Illinois also:

18) My profile for gpoole817: Please read my post from this morning on this blog to understand that I as Registered Nurse blogging for prolife cause am under constant attack from pro-deathers on the govt payroll in Washington.

19) Also, view and also : for this week's updates by me.

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