Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prolife Activities for wannabe Prolife Activists

I have been painting in oils for the past month, sort of thinking about how to proceed. I am always and forever prolife. The fact that certain ungodly organizations are attempting to censor the word prolife from the public dialogue infuriates me. And, yet is it any different from those in the Nazi era who were persecuted for protesting the gassing of the Jews? Or in the times of JESUS on the earth when His followers were persecuted?

I want to remind you that US citizens have First Amendment liberties, and they are very important. I want you to google the first Amendment for yourself; and read actual words. Summed up in my words those liberties are the right [liberty] to speak, write, publish, announce, declare, your religious or political beliefs, or any other beliefs without fear of persecution from the federal government; and the right [liberty] to associate with those you choose and also the right not to be forced to associate with those you do not choose to be with; and the right [liberty] to worship GOD publicly and say so, or not; and the right to not be forced to participate in government mandated secular religions or any religion.

For all you led by JESUS, [ONE with THE ALMIGHTY GOD per John 10:30,kjv] who want to take up your cross and follow JESUS into the battle for the lives of the preborn in the womb, and for the nation to continue and not be destroyed by depopulation, here are some peaceful law-abiding, fun ways to get involved in the prolife "battle": 1) Be present on sidewalks at abortuaries every day they open, sing praises to GOD on the sidewalk, march around them as in Bible times when the walls fell down after the Israelites marched around the city 7 times. Pray aloud, hold up signs asking women not to kill their offspring.

2) Distribute prolife literature at your church, synagogue, mosque, University, school social circle.

3) Wear clothing with prolife statements and prolife Scriptures. The Bible book stores usually have some but if not, organize a "make a prolife T-Shirt" day at your school using the campus meeting places to do it. Buy plain white T-Shirts [you want your message to leap off it into the eyesight of all] at almost any place that sells clothes, and use the fabric paints sold in arts & crafts stores to write your message and paint it on shirt. Then wear it often and be prepared for being a walking debate team and possibly also getting into physical combat. I write that because years ago, in Atlanta, GA while I was participating in a march around capitol and holding up the painting I had painted specifically for it, a prodeather came over to get in my face and said to me; "if you don't take that down, I"ll take it from you and smash it over your head". My reply was, " be prepared for prison if you do". That stopped that.

4) Organize marchers and drivers for the annual January March for Life to D.C.

5) Bake cupcakes, write prolife scriptures on piece of paper and attach to paper cup of cupcake and go downtown and distribute to all who exit the train, subway, city bus, public transportation, whatever.

6) Join in the "Prolife Silent Solidarity" movement on Oct 15th, by writing word LIFE boldly on red duct tape and put across your mouth. Make a poster that says you are showing empathy for those in the womb who cannot shout and say they want to live. Wear it to your classes, your activities, on public transportation all day.

7) Organize a march around your state capitol. Get as many people to participate as possible. Notify the local TV and radio stations and ask them to publicize it well ahead of event and often as a public service message. You have to send them the specifics, who, what, when, where, why in writing usually by a certain time to be in next day's broadcast etc. Ask your public channels to promote it--go there in person, see who has interest, see if you can get on their program.

8) Organize a prolife tent at your University. Try to staff it with students every day for as long as possible. You usually have to get permission from University [and that won't be easy and might involve a lawyer since Dept of Education tries to squelch prolife news and persons]; have medical posters illustrating how baby looks in womb. Prolife chapters usually have much help on this including free brochures, and posters you can use. Answer any questions , invite others to prolife meetings or to volunteer. Try to get your tent in the middle of the common areas for students.

9) Organize a PROLIFE walk-a-thon that is a event publicized to raise money for prolife literature etc, by getting pledges of donations of so much per each mile walked, then have walk-a-thon, and get local photographer to photograph leader handing check for donations to the local prolife chapter, put in news. Or use funds to buy prenatal care, clothing, food, for expectant mothers in unexpected pregnancies.

10) Ask your Pastor, Rabbi, church leader to allow you to address the congregation on this subject. Some prolife scriptures are: Genesis 1:27-28. Exodus 20:13, Jeremiah 1:5; Matthew 18:14 but there are many more.

11) Organize and participate in a candle-light vigil at abortuaries after they close, pray all night that GOD will close abortuaries.

12) Build tiny crosses for every baby aborted in your local abortuary, and ask Pastor to let you put them on Church, synagogue, mosque lawn.

13) Have a prolife concert. There are some prolife singers. Justin Bieber who is the heart-throb of America's teenage girls, is one of them.

14) Create prolife art and display it on your yard, or front door, or blogs, or tweet it.

15) Write prolife songs, poems, prose and publish them. Or sing them, videotape and put on youtube.

16) Create prolife blogs, and write of events that affect human life.

17) Use the word PROLIFE as often as possible in every possible way--defy censorship of life.

18) Donate money to prolife news, chapters, pregnancy resource centers.

19) Buy a prolife activist on sidewalk a take-away lunch and take it to them.

20) Offer to be a doula for a woman with unexpected pregnancy. Learn how to assist in labor, learn how to give prenatal massages to relieve backache of labor, learn how to reassure, educate yourself on what happens during labor and delivery and offer to be there for the woman when she goes into labor. Many women in that situation have no one to ask, because some unfaithful men abandon them [and often try to force abortion].

21) Be a living, walking, breathing prolife testimony that JESUS overcomes all adversity according to scripture in Revelations, and New Testament.

22) Write prolife letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

23) Participate in online forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms [only the good, safe ones please] and argue the case for human life--not to abort. You may never know til you get to heaven how much good you do by these activities.

24) Write letters to your U S Representative, or Senator stating why you are prolife, ask them to vote only prolife. Tell them you will be verifying how they vote, and do it. Go in person to their office and give them prolife literature if possible Citizens do not have to register as lobbyists unless they intend to give Congress-people money or gifts. Prolife literature is not gifts, but good citizenship.

25) Host an event at your house or apt--invite all women especially those of child-bearing age, and see if you can videotape the round-table discussion and put it on youtube as a prolife witness.

26) Videotape a new mother or father the first time they see their newborn infant--the pure joy of that event and put it on youtube.

27) Email everyone you know and tell them why you are prolife and ask them to vote for the prolife candidates and tell them who the prolife candidates are.

28). Put prolife stickers on your out-going U S mail.

These are some of my ideas--most prolife chapters have things you can do in their place that is help in real time. You may print this post if you like for a discussion provoker. Gloria Poole,RN at my apt in Missouri; 18-Sept-2013 at 9:26 am but some times I am online into the evening. My RN license is in Missouri. Also, I am the white, Christian, single, woman who was born in the state of Georgia, and who has two grown daughters. I am also the woman who painted a series of ethnic paintings in oils and many many other paintings, sketches and drawings in pen/inks, brushes, and who cartoons on occasion; and who still paints often in all mediums. You may see some of the art I created on other blogs of mine, including