Sunday, January 29, 2017

Marching for life is not accomplishing anything for the preborn, written by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist

Marching for life is not accomplishing anything. It has become the way people salve their consciences on the issue of whether or not women and physicians licensed by the state have a so-called 'right" to kill innocents-in-womb. I say they do not. The prolife/personhood cause has to have a new strategy. It has to become disruptive to the status quo, in such a way that it dislodges those in Congress who are entrenched there, who are the foundation of the killing regime.

If you study history, in every civilization when there was a turning around and going in the other direction, [repenting according to the Bible] there was a specific event that changed the course of history. There were sequence of events in the run-up to it that sort of channeled the thoughts of the population to a specific idea. The United States has had that run-up for the past 40 years because a marcher said last Friday that marching for life has been occurring annually for FORTY YEARS. That is not effective!

Here's the question every citizen must ask themselves: What will I say to GOD on His Judgment Day when HE asks me where was I when 100 million human babies were butchered without mercy?

Here is one of the scripture verses that has always been a powerful instruction to me: "Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. " Proverbs 31:8,KJV. Babies in the womb are "dumb" in the original meaning of that word which meant unable to speak. Please speak up when you hear of a baby-in-womb being appointed to destruction. Open your mouth, say stop--don't kill your baby. Stand in the gap for the tiniest humans.

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I understand what that march is supposed to mean but I am saying it is not making a difference in the public laws of the United States, so far. Every State's Attorney General KNOWS there are no words in either the U S Constitution nor the Amendments entitled "the right to abortion." They also know that such a right was fabricated [made up] by liberal atheist Justices of the past who did not fear GOD. The Attorney Generals of every State must begin to push back against Roe v Wade and challenge it on grounds that it is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL because Justices cannot write law. Please urge your state attorney general to file a lawsuit against Roe V Wade to challenge it on the face of the plain words of public laws of the US as passed by the Congress and signed into law by the President. The Constitution cannot be amended by the U S Supreme Court. That's the law, so there is no such right as the right to abortion.

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