Sunday, January 30, 2011

Congress outlaw abortion--get it done for sake of nation

Op-ed article in NY Times today that is unsigned @ has these quotes:
"A separate Republican bill would deny federal funds for family planning services to any organization that provides abortions.
It is aimed primarily at Planned Parenthood’s hundreds" [of abortuaries]...
8:21 AM 1/30/2011
And this quote:
"The new bill, introduced by Christopher Smith, a New Jersey Republican, would bar outright the use of federal subsidies to buy any
insurance that covers abortion well beyond the new exchanges."
My comments are on this opinion piece is no doubt unsigned because it was written by someone on the payroll of Planned Parenthood secretly. These quotes were what the article is complaining about but what I am glad about. Planned Parenthood with HQ in NYC near the UN, I think, uses the NY Times so-called journalists to write their propaganda pieces for them to try to fool some of the people all of the time. Killing ngos like Planned Parenthood and Center for Reproductive [killing] should be bombed out of existence since they kill the tiniest most defenseless humans of all with premeditation and planning. They are the worst evil in history, and I pray that THE ALMIGHTY GOD does whatever is necessary to end those 'killing fields'' where blood flows into 'collection bottles' and humans are decapitated,dismembered and shredded,pulled into pieces all in the ungodly name of feminist 'rights" to kill. I pray that the US Congress will never authorize any so-called right to kill innocents in the womb and I pray that if that means total destruction via GOD's methods of the White House and Congress, so let it be done.
Neither of the proposed resolutions go far enough. They are morally equivalent to saying a person cannot buy insurance to assassinate someone but it is all right to assassinate them with private money. The GOAL has to be legislation that makes abortion illegal since most of America [ me included], is law-abiding. Removing the false veneer of legal status and respectability that Congress has tried to give abortion would do a lot to end that evil of abortion immediately.
Until abortion is illegal in the US,the US will continue in its death spiral to the bottom.
Gloria Poole,RN;8:45am;30/Jan/2011;@my apt in Missouri

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dirty Big Secret of medical circles and so-called studies

I read this morning the AP news article about a so-called study in Denmark that was intended to persuade the public that abortion is safe, but abortion is not safe,not health care and not moral. The dirty big secret is that the only medical practice that asks a woman iif she had an abortion is ob-gyn doctors who have to know that. Even fertility clinics' doctors do not ask that question according to a clinic that is in Atlanta GA. When I asked them why since abortion is the major cause of sterility, the reply was we don't want to know because it would affect the public's impression of abortion. Keeping the public ignorant of the sequelae of abortion is as necessary to the killing-of-innocents-in-womb-machinery as keeping the Germans ignorant of the good the Jews did in their society in Nazi era, was. Ignorance of the facts--how gruesome abortion is, how bloody it is, how nauseating it is to those who witness it, how mind splintering, soul deadening and ruinous it is--is the entire goal of the Planned Unparenthood machinery and propaganda.
The study in Denmark is worthless. It proves only that Denmark psychiatrists' do not ask women who appear for help the question of it they ever had an abortion. Psychiatrists in the US don't either as part of the secret pact with abortion-loving-lobbyists-for-killing-groups-who-twist-the-arms-of-AMA. I think the Christian Medical Society medical doctors do ask that question because it is relevant to everything that happens in a woman's life. There are more than 60 MILLION sterile women in the US secondary to abortion. The numbers of unhappy women since they killed their babies is that many plus more. If Psychiatrists were part of the solution and not part of the problem, the propaganda about abortion would be dispelled quickly.
Do not believe any so-called study paid for by Planned Parenthhod, or Guttmacher, or the Kennedy foundation, or the Centre for Reproductive [killing] rights, or the Marie Stopes killing centers, or any group whose sole purpose is killing innocents. Ted Kennedy made his fortune on dead tiny humans--he was no saint. He was a killer of a woman and was never prosecuted for it and rode into office on the coattails and nation's guilt from his brothers, and he spent his career putting his clout behind killing of innocents in the womb. He voted against human life in the womb more than 70 times in his career. If his 'foundation' or the "William Jefferson Clinton foundation" paid for study it is worthless propaganda.
Gloria Poole,RN;6:45am;27/Jan/2011;@my apt in Missouri

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snake Oil Charmers are the tool of abortionists

Years ago when I was a child, I heard one of my grandparents say about a con-man that he was a 'snake oil charmer' selling useless items with charming words and lies. This morning I read the words of one of those sort and I remembered what I heard as a child. Joel Connelly of Seattle PI news in an opinion piece is trying to pump up the cause of killing of innocents in the womb by trying to persuade prolifers that they have it all wrong. His propaganda is a useless bunch of hooey as far as reality goes. Prolifers have it right. Snake oil charmers on the payroll of Planned Unparenthood have it wrong but they are too medically ignorant to know it. And they spout their nonsense that humans grow in cabbage plants and therefore are not human at every opportunity. They are liars and deceivers. Don't believe their paid propaganda that would do hitler proud.

Prolifers are right because:
1) we collectively recognize and acknowledge and hold sacred human life--in the womb or out of it.
2) We make our voices heard one way or the other. I make mine heard by writing on blogs,publishing medically factual information about how human develop in the womb, and by calling/writing Legislators ;and by voting prolife only; and by painting prolife paintings of mothers and babies and a midwife, and drawing medical ilustrations of stages of human development, and by photography of tiny humans.
3)we put our money and our liberty on the line for what we believe. The US has such a hostile environment in Washington DC, state of Washington and Oregon to human life that the sort of macabre appointees to office have tried to implement a Nazi-killing-plan of the elderly,handicapped,and humans in the womb and labeled it 'reform' of health care. What it reforms is the US Constitution into the Communist Manifesto, redistributing the income from Social Security to young [26 yr olds] able bodied men and women who don't want to work for living but be perpetual college students on mama and daddy's dime. It has to be repealed immediately. Social Security was intended to give the elderly who worked all their lives or whose work lives were ended by disability the benefit of the money they paid into the 'system' that is now trying to betray them.
4) we prolifers collectively know that good governments do not kill their citizens and do not allow anyone else to do that either. Good governments protect the innocent,the vulnerable and the defenseless.And punish those who kill innocents.
5)we prolifers do not 'blow in the wind' with every passing journalist op-ed piece of propaganda. We know what we believe and why we believe it. And we know that abortion--the heinous crime of killing one's own offspring--will end. We also know it might take all-out civil war in the US to accomplish that, and most of us know there are consequences to the nation. The financial system built on the blood,brains,and cells of innocents will be destroyed in GOD's time and way [maybe already in process??]. There will be most likely bombs falling from skies over abortuaries and the churches on the corner of them. History has proved that in Japan,England, Germany during WWII, and Revelations in Bible says humans [all?? or some???] will vanish while standing on their feet which sounds to me like a nuclear explosion.
6) we prolifers will not quit,or go away, or change our minds. We know that it is up to us to raise the nations' conscious awareness of the evils of abortion,the horror of it, and to force if need be, change in the legal status quo that created it.
Joel Connelly, you better repent of trying to justify the evil of abortion or hell will be waiting for you, according to the Bible in Revelations, and New Testament words of JESUS.
Gloria Poole,RN;9:10am;26?Jan/2011;at my apt in Missouri

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks to Yahoo News for photos of PROLIFE march in DC

I love to see the photos on Yahoo News, BBC news and CNN news. here are some links to my favorite photos from the annual March for Life in Washington DC on the 23rd of January,2011, via Yahoo News:;_ylt=A0wNcwbJAD9NbvcAGjtpaP0E;_ylu=X3oDMTE3bWgzYzNqBHBvcwM0BHNlYwN5bl9zbGlkZXNob3cEc2xrA2F5b3VuZ3Byby1saQ--/
11:00 AM 1/25/2011
And this photo of March for Life:;_ylt=A0wNcnh6AT9NuzUAwAXmWMcF/
And this one:;_ylt=A0wNcnexAT9NCmgAsAXmWMcF/
And this one with prolifers as far as eye could see ";_ylt=A0wNcnnyAT9NzFsApwnmWMcF/
And this one of a giant cross on someone's shoulder:;_ylt=A0wNcnX4AT9NA1wBsArmWMcF/
and this protestor:;_ylt=A0wNcnB6Aj9NyD4ASADmWMcF/
And these protestors:;_ylt=A0wNcnWEAj9NBE4BTAnmWMcF/

Remember that human life is a gift of GOD. Never destroy human life. The only occasions when that is permitted in GOD's laws are when a country/state/government has found someone guilty of a capitol crime of murder with premeditation and the government puts to death the murderer for
crimes of killing humans with premeditation. That is necessary to bring about law and order in any society, and cause peace among the people instead of fear and anxiety.
Gloria Poole,RN; 11:16am;25/Jan/2011;at my apt in Missouri

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ICK! Abortuaries fail to practice the most basic health guidelines

"The grand jury said politics played a role in the
abortion-oversight issues.

In its report, the panel said the Health Department "decided,
for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all."
this quote is from the Associated Press* article today @
And also this quote:
"Health Department lawyers changed their opinions and advice
"to suit
the policy preferences of different governors," the report said."
And this quote:"
"A 261-page grand jury indictment released this week against
Gosnell and other clinic staff members details a gruesome litany
of failures and refusals to uphold even the most basic public
health guidelines. It lays out a long list of
regulatory failures by the Department of Health and other agencies."
*footnote: "Associated Press writers Michael Rubinkam in Allentown, Pa., and Mark Scolforo in Harrisburg, Pa."
8:34 AM 1/22/2011
The article mentioned prompted this entry. This is a prolife blog but the deeds of Gosnell were killing with premeditation; and my purpose in posting this content is to make America wake up to the awful truth so he is prosecuted and put away and babies are saved from him and his evil accomplices.
It is essential to tell what abortion is and how horrible it is. And from 20 years as a prolifer-reading public laws,and every bit of news on the subject AND as a previous Peer Review Nurse [RN] in two different states, I know that abortion so-called clinics are NEVER inspected by any regulatory agency in any state.
The situation as discovered by police in the Gosnell abortuary is the TYPICAL abortion clinic--not the exception. There is no such thing as a good abortion clinic--they are all evil. They all kill tiny defenseless humans in the womb of their mothers where they are trapped.
When the American public realizes that abortuaries are a thousand times worst than the lynchings that happened as a result of the KKK , then there will be real change in the politics of America. Those who enabled the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb and those who did the evil deeds will be tried and prosecuted and put to death in some cases as they should be. Any persons who prey upon tiny thumb size humans in the womb, or 7 pound humans living and breathing, is evil through and through and should get the death penalty. It is the most atrocious evil.
Only by making it visible to America, will it change. Some prolifers have protested for decades, me included. One prolife woman I met at TV station in Denver [when I lived in Colorado for years Oct-2002 until Oct 2009], told me she had been arrested 70 times for standing on a sidewalk holding up a poster to protest killing of tiny humans.
This time since the infamous and illegal usurpation of true authority by the Supreme Court when it decided Roe v Wade with no legal precedent or law behind it, is the Dark Ages for America. There has to be a Renaissance when truth and light and moral laws become the standard not the exception.
Citizens,do your part. Stop funding Planned Parenthood via political campaigns or in any way. Force it out of your childrens' schools. Never give to any group in S.I.E.C.U.S. Never allow any child of yours to get sex education" taught by Planned Parenthood. NEVER vote for those who promote,sponsor,vote for or pay for abortions. Never compromise with evil. Impeach those in from your state in Congress who have enabled the sort of macabre practitioners as Gosnell. Protest in the streets and on sidewalks at abortuaries. Take down abortuaries legally if possible but if not by whatever method GOD lays on your heart. Remember what Edmund Burke said: 'the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
Gloria Poole; 8:55am;22/Jan/2011;at home in Missouri
Update with this reminder:
Obama is the worst President in history because he has actively promoted the premeditated slaughters of innocent preborns to get dividends from abortuaries and kickbacks from Planned Parenthood. He is worst than Herod in the Bible because Herod targeted children who were not trapped in the womb,and whose mothers could hide them or send them abroad to save them. Whereas Obama targets the tiniest most defenseless humans. And because he has thrown his political weight behind mass murders in abortuaries in an effort to get more cells,tissues,and bones,brains of the preborn to study in fake and evil laboratories. I have as much contempt for him as I would have for Hitler or Stalin who murdered millions. I do not care if he drops off the planet--the nation would be immediately better off if that happened. I do not want to read how he using his political power concealed his fake birth certificate. Nor do I want to read about his dying his hair. Nor do I want to read anything about him unless it is a news report saying he resigned or was assassinated, or impeached. News media, quit glorifying an evil man!
Update @2:53pm same day. It seems the radical prodeath President has provoked a massive backlash by the citizens and state Legislatures against abortion. Read:
"The biggest shift is in the state capitols, with 29 governors now
considered to be solidly anti-abortion, compared with 21
last year." This quote from the NY Times article on front page
of NY Times today: 1/22/2011 entitled, "Across country,Lawmakers
push abortion curbs" written by Erik Eckholm.And also this quote:
“This is the best climate for passing pro-life laws in years,”
said Michael Gonidakis, executive director
of Ohio Right to Life, expressing the mood in many states."
And this partial quote:
"In 15 states, compared with 10 last year, both the
legislature and the governor are anti-abortion.."
And this quote:
"Oklahoma last year adopted a requirement that doctors or
technicians perform the procedure with the screen
visible to the woman, and explain in detail what she is seeing."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good news for babies: Seth Williams & US House votes repeal

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has done a great thing. He is doing what a district attorney is supposed to do and that is preventing premeditated murders of innocents and bringing to trial and prosecution and punishment those who murder.
He has charged an abortionist-assassin named Kermit Gosnell* with firat degree murder for his crimes of murdering
living infants with a pair of scissors. He also charged nine of Kermit
Gosnell's associates in murder with murder also. A quote from article:
"My comprehension of the English language
can't adequately describe the barbaric nature of Dr. Gosnell," Williams said at a news conference.
Read entire article in Reuters news @
6:35 PM 1/19/2011
More good news for the preborn: the US House of Representatives voted to repeal the evil
"ObamaCare' plan that was specifically intended to fund abortions and shift payments made
by citizens into the Social Security fund to abortionists. And pray that GOD convinces the
Senate one way or the other to also vote to repeal it. And pray that if Harry Reid stands
in the way of that that GOD will remove Harry Reid from office immediately by HIS methods.

This is a prolife information blog. My purpose in writing it is to educate the public on the public policies and laws that have to be
changed to protect human babies from premeditated murders and to call attention to the good prolifers who are standing in the gap for
the preborn tiny humans.
*footnote I reserve the title of M.D. for real medical doctors who do not kill their patients; in my effort to keep it as an honorable profession and not profane it by attaching it to assassins.
Gloria Poole,RN;6:47am;19-Jan-2011;@my apt in Missouri;
Update @ 7:17 pm 19th Jan:
From another article in the AP news tonight is this quote:
"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said the legislation will not see the light of day there, but
the GOP leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said bluntly, "I assure you we will" have a vote on it."
Article at:;_ylt=Atg.../
Surely the state of Arizona's Senators would vote prolife? they are Sen John McCain and Senator John Kyl. Also the Senators from all the Southern States should vote to repeal as the Obamacare is the biggest intrusion into states' rights since the cause of the Civil War. And because Southern Senators are from bible-belt constituences who are generally prolife. Of course Harry Reid KNOWS America wants it overturned for MANY reasons and he also knows when it comes to a vote it will be overturned . That is why he is trying the scare tactic of communist leaders in threatening to NOT allow a vote on it thus making himself the controller of America's laws. Kick him out of office for the LOVE OF GOD and blessings of GOD. IMPEACH him if he fails to bring it to a vote and suppresses/oppresses the duties of the other 99 Senators in the US Senate.
Update on 20th Jan-2011 @ 4:14pm:
In article by Holly Bailey former Senator Rick Santorum said,
Santorum took Obama to task for his [proabort] position.
"Just about everything else in the world he's willing to do -- have
the government do -- but he can't answer that basic question
which is not a debatable issue at all," Santorum told Jeffrey. "I don't think you'll find
a biologist in the world who will say that is not a human life."Read article at:
online at 4:09 PM 1/20/2011.
The reason race matters is that black people fought a war and split the
US into two factions once before when they wanted 'personhood' but
now they are denying 'personhood' as defined by US Constitution to
the tiniest,most defenseless humans--those in the womb. Obama and all black leaders who support abortion are hypocrites
through and through.
Update @ 5:33 on 20th Jan:
A reminder that "ObamaCare" killing-plan-for-preborn violates the actual laws of the US:
"Federal law prohibits federal funding for abortion, except in
cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Known as
the Hyde amendment, that basic prohibition is incorporated in
many laws and generally has to be renewed annually in spending
bills." This quote from article in Yahoo News written by
Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar for the Associated Press. Article At:"
And this quote from Speaker of the House John Boehner:
"I think the will of the people is that we enact this clear-cut
prohibition on the use of taxpayer funds for elective abortions."
Boehner 's comment makes it clear that "ObamaCare" does not have a clear-cut prohibition of abortion-funding. Also Chris Smith
said that "ObamaCare' provides funding for abortions; and I add it is done with sleight-of-hand-tricks, 'creative financing" [sort of like the mortgage meltdown where unqualified buyers bought homes with nothing down and no verifiable income], and propaganda and euphemistic words. Obama 's reform plan reforms the US from a constitutional republic to a communist state where the government attempts to control dominate every aspect of life in America and every industry and dollar. Every point of the so-called reform is bad for America. If the Senators do not repeal vote them out next go-round and get Senators who will, and who know the Constitution.
And another update to the long history of grievances prolifers have against against abortionists that spans 40 yrs of events in the US.
Read the article at this link about the so-called 'medical society [of killing] that Gosnell and his family and friends ran as unlicensed medical doctors to kill innocents. It will make you sick to your stomach to read about it. They are in prison without being able to bail, and that is the good news in the article. I tell you as Registered Nurse that women who kill their offspring become cold,hardened, robot-like and lack natural affection for anyone. There is a progression to evil and that is explained in Romans chapter one of the Holy Bible, King James version. And that those who methodically kill become dead spiritually and emotionally flat. They are without souls or conscience and are doomed to hell after some point in time when GOD decides HE has given them enough time and opportunities to repent. Pray for their souls, and pray for Pennsylvania District Attorney Seth Williams to prosecute them and win, and put them away for a very long time.
Update @ 8:14pm;20th-Jan-2011:
This article in the Wall St Journal says that the Grand Jury * has found the Pennsylvania agencies complicent in the crimes of Gosnell and his unlicensed staff since they allowed them to continue for years and after receiving numerous complaints about them. Read article for details:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reraed :how embryo becomes a fetus" medical 'lesson

From Embryo to Fetus in the womb : medical facts

by Gloria Poole,R.N.

There are several distinguishing features of the

transistion of an embryo to a fetus. Both of these words

are medical terms for a certain stage of development in

the womb. There is no abrupt change from the embryo to

the fetus. Instead there are cumulative changes that are

evolving day to day. The embryo changes from an

amorphous shape to more of a tiny human with all parts.

Also all of the major body organs have either appeared

or the precursor of them has developed. As the embryo

survives the second month in the womb, and is alive at

the beginning of the third month, the tiny human is less

vulnerable to the effects of disease in the mother, or

radiation of the mother, or medicines the mother may

have taken. Of course women who are pregnant should

never drink alcohol or use drugs! At any stage of the

pregnancy the baby in the womb is harmed by alcohol, and

many drugs have teratogenic effects. The term fetus is

appropriate after the major organs are either formed

entirely or the precursor of them is present e.g. for

the kidney. The fetus is still vulnerable but not as

much so, since the tiny human has a larger body and

therefore it would take larger doses of medicines

through the placenta to harm the tiny being, and the

tiny baby also has more developed organs to filter the

medicines that might pass to the baby through the

placenta. At the end of the first month after

fertilization the human embryo is about a quarter of an

inch in length from the top of the flat bulbous like

head to the end of the emerging legs that look at first

like a tail. Most of the organs are beginning to take

shape as the cells continuously divide and

differentiate. The tiny human develops by a 'blue print'

that is built into the chromosones and genes that the

tiny human received from the mother and from the father.

Twenty-three chromosones come from each parent in most

instances. In Down's syndrome the chromosones are

different. The baby's brain develops first since it is

needed first. The wisdom of GOD in creating humans is

obvious if you really study human anatomy and physiology

much. The outlines of eyes appear and a primitive mouth

and by 30 days after fertilization the three primary

parts of the brain are present , and the eyes, ears, and

nasal passages have begun to develop. The beginnings of

the backbone is present but that first month the tiny

embryo is sort of hunched together in a C shape. There

is no discernible arms or legs yet but the "tail" will

become legs. The heart will have started beating even

though it is not completely formed. The tiny human has

a closed circulatory system that includes the baby's own

blood vessels and also the umbilical cord and placenta

to the mother. The digestive tract opens from the mouth

downward for the first time on about the 28 th day

after fertilization by the male sperm. The liver appears

by about the 21 st day after fertilization. The thyroid

gland begins to form. The stomach, intestines,liver and

pancreas are there but there is no anus yet. The lungs

are not developed yet. Lung buds begin about day 27 and

the trachea [windpipe ] appears a few days after that.

By the time the tiny being would be called a fetus he or

she would have gained weight to one gram or about one-

thirtieth of an ounce, which is not as much as an

aspirin tablet but for the tiny human it is significant

progress since it means a 50-fold gain in body mass

gained during the second month over again what the tiny

human weighed at the end of four weeks after

fertilization. By day 31 muscles appear in the pelvis

and arms and legs begin to form and look sort of like a

bud on a tree in bloom.The valve separating the chambers

of the heart appear on day 31 or soon after. The germ

cells [sex determining] move along the mesoderm toward

the genital ridges and will form either ovaries or

testicles. By day 32 the caudal muscles appear [in what

becomes the baby's behind] and the last pair of gill-

like arches that will develop into lungs appears. By day

33 the cerebral cortex in the brain develops. By day 34

more of the muscles that will become the thighs and legs

develop and the stalk that separates the baby from the

yolk sac lengthens. By day 35 the primitive germ cells

have arrived in large numbers near the ridge that

develops into the kidney. And the olfactory part of the

brain that regulates small is present in the brain. By

the fifth week the tiny human is 8 millimeters or one-

third of an inch long from crown to rump and weighs

about 1/1000 of an ounce. The jaws are forming and the

face is beginning to look like a human face. The

umbilical cord is present and is the only part connected

to the placenta. The pituitary gland is forming in the

middle of the brain. The pharynx branches into the two

parts that will go to each lung. The membranes

[peritoneum] that separate the intestines form the chest

have formed and separate the lungs,heart and trachea

from the stomach and intestine. By day 36 the arm and

legs buds appear, and the 'tail' starts to shrink and

the baby may start moving about.

By day 37 the intestines have grown enough that they are

beginning to curve into their adult shape. The brain

stem that controls respiration is recognizable. By day

38 the jaws of upper and lower begin to look symmetrical

and with an mouth between them and the eye muscles have

begun to form in the orbits. Hands that look more like

paddles form and then when the fingers elongate they

look more like hands. The insides of the baby have grown

so fast that they sort of bulge and could be seen easily

through the almost transparent skin of the baby. By day

39 the nerve fibers are present to connect the sense of

smell of the olfactory nerves. By day 40 the pigment

[color] of the eyes could be seen through the

transparent skin also. The jaws are well formed and the

teeth, and facial muscles are forming also. The gill

arches disappear and the diaphragm appears that moves up

and down in respirations though the baby does not

breathe in the womb but later sort of practices that

effort. The liver starts producing red blood cells and

takes over from the yolk sac. By day 42 the reflexes

being and fingers and toes are more visible and the

beginnings of gonads are visible. By the sixth week the

fetus is 13 millimeters or half an inch long from crown

to rump. Cartilage that will become bone appears. The

head seems huge in relation to the rest of the body and

bends forward onto the chest since baby is still sort of

a C shape. Fingers appear. And the mammary glands begin.

The stomach and intestines rotate into position, muscles

lengthen and both cartilage and bone are visible in the

forming skeleton. The kidney has begun with the

pronephros the first but non-functioning kidneys. By day

44 the retinas of the eyes form, and also the palate of

the mouth and and the canals of the ear. By day 46 the

gonads are formed either ovaries or testicles so the sex

of the baby. Viola by day 48 after fertilization the

tiny human looks like a human! And is definitely a


/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. with reference from medical

textbook "From Conception to Birth' by Roberts Rugh and

Landrum B Shettles MDs.

The medical facts of how humans develop is written by me on another website of mine at: .

And the sketches I drew of some of the stages of human development and wanted to add to this website but they vanished from uploader AGAIN; so I added them to this website of mine:

and look at the entry of yesterday 6-June-2009. They are a series of about 7 or 8 sketches in pencil and watercolor showing stages of development of human beings in the womb.

This document is owned by, and written by Gloria Poole,RN .@home in Missouri; 9:39am;9/Jan/2011