Saturday, January 22, 2011

ICK! Abortuaries fail to practice the most basic health guidelines

"The grand jury said politics played a role in the
abortion-oversight issues.

In its report, the panel said the Health Department "decided,
for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all."
this quote is from the Associated Press* article today @
And also this quote:
"Health Department lawyers changed their opinions and advice
"to suit
the policy preferences of different governors," the report said."
And this quote:"
"A 261-page grand jury indictment released this week against
Gosnell and other clinic staff members details a gruesome litany
of failures and refusals to uphold even the most basic public
health guidelines. It lays out a long list of
regulatory failures by the Department of Health and other agencies."
*footnote: "Associated Press writers Michael Rubinkam in Allentown, Pa., and Mark Scolforo in Harrisburg, Pa."
8:34 AM 1/22/2011
The article mentioned prompted this entry. This is a prolife blog but the deeds of Gosnell were killing with premeditation; and my purpose in posting this content is to make America wake up to the awful truth so he is prosecuted and put away and babies are saved from him and his evil accomplices.
It is essential to tell what abortion is and how horrible it is. And from 20 years as a prolifer-reading public laws,and every bit of news on the subject AND as a previous Peer Review Nurse [RN] in two different states, I know that abortion so-called clinics are NEVER inspected by any regulatory agency in any state.
The situation as discovered by police in the Gosnell abortuary is the TYPICAL abortion clinic--not the exception. There is no such thing as a good abortion clinic--they are all evil. They all kill tiny defenseless humans in the womb of their mothers where they are trapped.
When the American public realizes that abortuaries are a thousand times worst than the lynchings that happened as a result of the KKK , then there will be real change in the politics of America. Those who enabled the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb and those who did the evil deeds will be tried and prosecuted and put to death in some cases as they should be. Any persons who prey upon tiny thumb size humans in the womb, or 7 pound humans living and breathing, is evil through and through and should get the death penalty. It is the most atrocious evil.
Only by making it visible to America, will it change. Some prolifers have protested for decades, me included. One prolife woman I met at TV station in Denver [when I lived in Colorado for years Oct-2002 until Oct 2009], told me she had been arrested 70 times for standing on a sidewalk holding up a poster to protest killing of tiny humans.
This time since the infamous and illegal usurpation of true authority by the Supreme Court when it decided Roe v Wade with no legal precedent or law behind it, is the Dark Ages for America. There has to be a Renaissance when truth and light and moral laws become the standard not the exception.
Citizens,do your part. Stop funding Planned Parenthood via political campaigns or in any way. Force it out of your childrens' schools. Never give to any group in S.I.E.C.U.S. Never allow any child of yours to get sex education" taught by Planned Parenthood. NEVER vote for those who promote,sponsor,vote for or pay for abortions. Never compromise with evil. Impeach those in from your state in Congress who have enabled the sort of macabre practitioners as Gosnell. Protest in the streets and on sidewalks at abortuaries. Take down abortuaries legally if possible but if not by whatever method GOD lays on your heart. Remember what Edmund Burke said: 'the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
Gloria Poole; 8:55am;22/Jan/2011;at home in Missouri
Update with this reminder:
Obama is the worst President in history because he has actively promoted the premeditated slaughters of innocent preborns to get dividends from abortuaries and kickbacks from Planned Parenthood. He is worst than Herod in the Bible because Herod targeted children who were not trapped in the womb,and whose mothers could hide them or send them abroad to save them. Whereas Obama targets the tiniest most defenseless humans. And because he has thrown his political weight behind mass murders in abortuaries in an effort to get more cells,tissues,and bones,brains of the preborn to study in fake and evil laboratories. I have as much contempt for him as I would have for Hitler or Stalin who murdered millions. I do not care if he drops off the planet--the nation would be immediately better off if that happened. I do not want to read how he using his political power concealed his fake birth certificate. Nor do I want to read about his dying his hair. Nor do I want to read anything about him unless it is a news report saying he resigned or was assassinated, or impeached. News media, quit glorifying an evil man!
Update @2:53pm same day. It seems the radical prodeath President has provoked a massive backlash by the citizens and state Legislatures against abortion. Read:
"The biggest shift is in the state capitols, with 29 governors now
considered to be solidly anti-abortion, compared with 21
last year." This quote from the NY Times article on front page
of NY Times today: 1/22/2011 entitled, "Across country,Lawmakers
push abortion curbs" written by Erik Eckholm.And also this quote:
“This is the best climate for passing pro-life laws in years,”
said Michael Gonidakis, executive director
of Ohio Right to Life, expressing the mood in many states."
And this partial quote:
"In 15 states, compared with 10 last year, both the
legislature and the governor are anti-abortion.."
And this quote:
"Oklahoma last year adopted a requirement that doctors or
technicians perform the procedure with the screen
visible to the woman, and explain in detail what she is seeing."

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