Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good news for babies: Seth Williams & US House votes repeal

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has done a great thing. He is doing what a district attorney is supposed to do and that is preventing premeditated murders of innocents and bringing to trial and prosecution and punishment those who murder.
He has charged an abortionist-assassin named Kermit Gosnell* with firat degree murder for his crimes of murdering
living infants with a pair of scissors. He also charged nine of Kermit
Gosnell's associates in murder with murder also. A quote from article:
"My comprehension of the English language
can't adequately describe the barbaric nature of Dr. Gosnell," Williams said at a news conference.
Read entire article in Reuters news @
6:35 PM 1/19/2011
More good news for the preborn: the US House of Representatives voted to repeal the evil
"ObamaCare' plan that was specifically intended to fund abortions and shift payments made
by citizens into the Social Security fund to abortionists. And pray that GOD convinces the
Senate one way or the other to also vote to repeal it. And pray that if Harry Reid stands
in the way of that that GOD will remove Harry Reid from office immediately by HIS methods.

This is a prolife information blog. My purpose in writing it is to educate the public on the public policies and laws that have to be
changed to protect human babies from premeditated murders and to call attention to the good prolifers who are standing in the gap for
the preborn tiny humans.
*footnote I reserve the title of M.D. for real medical doctors who do not kill their patients; in my effort to keep it as an honorable profession and not profane it by attaching it to assassins.
Gloria Poole,RN;6:47am;19-Jan-2011;@my apt in Missouri;
Update @ 7:17 pm 19th Jan:
From another article in the AP news tonight is this quote:
"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said the legislation will not see the light of day there, but
the GOP leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said bluntly, "I assure you we will" have a vote on it."
Article at:;_ylt=Atg.../
Surely the state of Arizona's Senators would vote prolife? they are Sen John McCain and Senator John Kyl. Also the Senators from all the Southern States should vote to repeal as the Obamacare is the biggest intrusion into states' rights since the cause of the Civil War. And because Southern Senators are from bible-belt constituences who are generally prolife. Of course Harry Reid KNOWS America wants it overturned for MANY reasons and he also knows when it comes to a vote it will be overturned . That is why he is trying the scare tactic of communist leaders in threatening to NOT allow a vote on it thus making himself the controller of America's laws. Kick him out of office for the LOVE OF GOD and blessings of GOD. IMPEACH him if he fails to bring it to a vote and suppresses/oppresses the duties of the other 99 Senators in the US Senate.
Update on 20th Jan-2011 @ 4:14pm:
In article by Holly Bailey former Senator Rick Santorum said,
Santorum took Obama to task for his [proabort] position.
"Just about everything else in the world he's willing to do -- have
the government do -- but he can't answer that basic question
which is not a debatable issue at all," Santorum told Jeffrey. "I don't think you'll find
a biologist in the world who will say that is not a human life."Read article at:
online at 4:09 PM 1/20/2011.
The reason race matters is that black people fought a war and split the
US into two factions once before when they wanted 'personhood' but
now they are denying 'personhood' as defined by US Constitution to
the tiniest,most defenseless humans--those in the womb. Obama and all black leaders who support abortion are hypocrites
through and through.
Update @ 5:33 on 20th Jan:
A reminder that "ObamaCare" killing-plan-for-preborn violates the actual laws of the US:
"Federal law prohibits federal funding for abortion, except in
cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Known as
the Hyde amendment, that basic prohibition is incorporated in
many laws and generally has to be renewed annually in spending
bills." This quote from article in Yahoo News written by
Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar for the Associated Press. Article At:"
And this quote from Speaker of the House John Boehner:
"I think the will of the people is that we enact this clear-cut
prohibition on the use of taxpayer funds for elective abortions."
Boehner 's comment makes it clear that "ObamaCare" does not have a clear-cut prohibition of abortion-funding. Also Chris Smith
said that "ObamaCare' provides funding for abortions; and I add it is done with sleight-of-hand-tricks, 'creative financing" [sort of like the mortgage meltdown where unqualified buyers bought homes with nothing down and no verifiable income], and propaganda and euphemistic words. Obama 's reform plan reforms the US from a constitutional republic to a communist state where the government attempts to control dominate every aspect of life in America and every industry and dollar. Every point of the so-called reform is bad for America. If the Senators do not repeal vote them out next go-round and get Senators who will, and who know the Constitution.
And another update to the long history of grievances prolifers have against against abortionists that spans 40 yrs of events in the US.
Read the article at this link about the so-called 'medical society [of killing] that Gosnell and his family and friends ran as unlicensed medical doctors to kill innocents. It will make you sick to your stomach to read about it. They are in prison without being able to bail, and that is the good news in the article. I tell you as Registered Nurse that women who kill their offspring become cold,hardened, robot-like and lack natural affection for anyone. There is a progression to evil and that is explained in Romans chapter one of the Holy Bible, King James version. And that those who methodically kill become dead spiritually and emotionally flat. They are without souls or conscience and are doomed to hell after some point in time when GOD decides HE has given them enough time and opportunities to repent. Pray for their souls, and pray for Pennsylvania District Attorney Seth Williams to prosecute them and win, and put them away for a very long time.
Update @ 8:14pm;20th-Jan-2011:
This article in the Wall St Journal says that the Grand Jury * has found the Pennsylvania agencies complicent in the crimes of Gosnell and his unlicensed staff since they allowed them to continue for years and after receiving numerous complaints about them. Read article for details:

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