Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snake Oil Charmers are the tool of abortionists

Years ago when I was a child, I heard one of my grandparents say about a con-man that he was a 'snake oil charmer' selling useless items with charming words and lies. This morning I read the words of one of those sort and I remembered what I heard as a child. Joel Connelly of Seattle PI news in an opinion piece is trying to pump up the cause of killing of innocents in the womb by trying to persuade prolifers that they have it all wrong. His propaganda is a useless bunch of hooey as far as reality goes. Prolifers have it right. Snake oil charmers on the payroll of Planned Unparenthood have it wrong but they are too medically ignorant to know it. And they spout their nonsense that humans grow in cabbage plants and therefore are not human at every opportunity. They are liars and deceivers. Don't believe their paid propaganda that would do hitler proud.

Prolifers are right because:
1) we collectively recognize and acknowledge and hold sacred human life--in the womb or out of it.
2) We make our voices heard one way or the other. I make mine heard by writing on blogs,publishing medically factual information about how human develop in the womb, and by calling/writing Legislators ;and by voting prolife only; and by painting prolife paintings of mothers and babies and a midwife, and drawing medical ilustrations of stages of human development, and by photography of tiny humans.
3)we put our money and our liberty on the line for what we believe. The US has such a hostile environment in Washington DC, state of Washington and Oregon to human life that the sort of macabre appointees to office have tried to implement a Nazi-killing-plan of the elderly,handicapped,and humans in the womb and labeled it 'reform' of health care. What it reforms is the US Constitution into the Communist Manifesto, redistributing the income from Social Security to young [26 yr olds] able bodied men and women who don't want to work for living but be perpetual college students on mama and daddy's dime. It has to be repealed immediately. Social Security was intended to give the elderly who worked all their lives or whose work lives were ended by disability the benefit of the money they paid into the 'system' that is now trying to betray them.
4) we prolifers collectively know that good governments do not kill their citizens and do not allow anyone else to do that either. Good governments protect the innocent,the vulnerable and the defenseless.And punish those who kill innocents.
5)we prolifers do not 'blow in the wind' with every passing journalist op-ed piece of propaganda. We know what we believe and why we believe it. And we know that abortion--the heinous crime of killing one's own offspring--will end. We also know it might take all-out civil war in the US to accomplish that, and most of us know there are consequences to the nation. The financial system built on the blood,brains,and cells of innocents will be destroyed in GOD's time and way [maybe already in process??]. There will be most likely bombs falling from skies over abortuaries and the churches on the corner of them. History has proved that in Japan,England, Germany during WWII, and Revelations in Bible says humans [all?? or some???] will vanish while standing on their feet which sounds to me like a nuclear explosion.
6) we prolifers will not quit,or go away, or change our minds. We know that it is up to us to raise the nations' conscious awareness of the evils of abortion,the horror of it, and to force if need be, change in the legal status quo that created it.
Joel Connelly, you better repent of trying to justify the evil of abortion or hell will be waiting for you, according to the Bible in Revelations, and New Testament words of JESUS.
Gloria Poole,RN;9:10am;26?Jan/2011;at my apt in Missouri

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