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Personhood for all has to be the legal standard, written by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri

As usual I, Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, write and own this blog. I am making a personal statement today. The goal of ALL anti-abortion groups has to be the end of "legal" premeditated killing of tiny defenseless humans in the womb. I personally have worked on the prolife cause since 1991, writing, emailing the entire world it seems, blogging, tweeting, creating art. Yet, what have the many prolife groups achieved? Has abortion ended? The prodeathers are crowing that they [manipulated or bribed] the Grand Jury and succeeded in getting charges against 2 investigative journalists in Texas. That is outrageous! All that proves is that the court system in the U S has become totally corrupt. Because the PURPOSE of courts is to protect the innocent, not the murderers. Remember that JESUS said, "every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation. And every city or house divided against itself shall not stand' " Matthew 12: 25, KJV. If you are in a prolife organization, remember that killing at any age is not a "right" but a wrong. Prolifers cannot split hairs on the age of the baby in the womb. Since the premeditated murder of an innocent human being is forbidden by GOD HIMSELF in Exodus 20:13, KJV, the age of gestation is irrelevant. We prolife activists must hold the line to end abortion as a "legal" right because it is a heinous wrong against a baby, against the mother and father of the baby and against humanity. PERSONHOOD status for all humans is the goal. We, the people of the United States, must amend our U S Constitution to include the tiny humans in the womb in the definition of legal persons, because they are persons. There is a process to amend the Constitution and you can read it for yourself by googling the Cornell University Law School online Constitution.

I am including some of the many prolife events of the recent weeks but I am blacking out some of the news of the prodeath establishment so as not to publicize evil. I am numbering for ease of reference. Also, there were some wonderful PROLIFE statements made by Republican candidates in last nights's debates. If you missed those you can watch them at:

.Breaking news : "Last week, Sen. Rand Paul reintroduced his “Life at Conception Act,” an attempt to ban all abortion by granting legal “personhood” to zygotes and fetuses from “the moment of fertilization,” all without needing a constitutional amendment or Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Paul has been a staunch backer of such personhood efforts despite once claiming that he didn’t support “changing any of the laws” on abortion “until the country is persuaded otherwise.”

Other prolife news, quotes and events:

1) " We know that abortion is not a means of female empowerment;....We also oppose abortion because we are willing to look at the facts that the abortion lobby continues to ignore. For example, we know that premature babies have now been saved as early as 22 weeks into fetal development, that the U.S. remains one of only seven nations to allow elective, late-term abortions,....It is why we continue to demand passage of measures like the Defund Planned Parenthood Act, which would divert federal funding away from the nation’s largest abortion provider and reallocate it to the more than 13,500 community health centers nationwide providing comprehensive healthcare to low income and underserved women.....And it is why we will not give up......The lives lost are many, the emotional and physical damage to birthmothers is real, and the obstacles in our fight to restore a culture of life still loom large—the taxpayers continue to subsidize Planned Parenthood with about $1.5 million per day"Rep. Diane Black and Dr. Charmaine Yoest."

2) "In a friend-of-the-court brief filed last month in the Missouri dispute, they say an embryo’s most fundamental interest is to be born: “No other right is of any avail if a human being is not around to invoke it....Thomas Olp, of the Thomas More Society, a conservative public-interest law firm that filed the brief in concert with Missouri Right to Life and other anti-abortion groups, said: “Husbands and wives can divide up their property however they want, but embryos are living beings, so the legal standard has to be what’s in their best interest.....The cases are part of the broader “personhood” debate that has become central to abortion politics. Advocates in many states are seeking laws that would make embryos full legal persons at fertilization ””

3) "Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has ordered state officials to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood and its affiliates through the state Medicaid program, a move the organization said on Wednesday it would challenge in court.

Brownback, a Republican, said in his state of the state address on Tuesday that he would direct the state health secretary to ensure that no taxpayer money go to Planned Parenthood, which he said trafficked in baby body parts.

"No longer will we send the money of hard-working Kansans to fund an industry that disrespects life and violates the moral conscience of our people," Brownback said in a statement."

4) "Anti-abortion activists say the law is intended to verify that doctors and health clinics are complying with state law, which prohibits abortions after 20 weeks with some exceptions for medical emergencies, reported the New York Times.

The law requires health care providers who perform abortions after the 16-week mark to send ultrasound images to North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services so officials can verify the “probable gestational age” of the fetus." From

5) “It’s Pro-Life or Pro-Murder’ ...-We have to stop being politically correct,” are absolutes” in morality and civil society, and he added that Christians must be “biblically correct instead of politically correct.”

said Rev. Cruz in a talk before evangelical Christians. “We have to stop acquiescing even to the wording that the liberals use.”

6) Fetal surgery w/ good explanation :

7) "Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign has launched a new “Pro-Lifers for Cruz” coalition, led by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins along with 10 co-chairs, including radical anti-abortion activist Troy Newman. Another co-chair of the new coalition is anti-abortion filmmaker Jason Jones, who joined a call for coalition members today, where he warned that electing Cruz is essential because America can’t “survive another 40 years of Roe v. Wade.”

“You know, the right to life is the founding principle not only of this country but of our civilization,” Jones said on the call, “and we are fighting to preserve our nation for our posterity. We are fighting in a real way for our posterity. And I don’t believe our country can survive another 40 years of Roe v. Wade because Roe v. Wade undermines the idea that we are endowed by God with inalienable rights."


8) says prolife award to Gov KS Sam Brownback,

9) Prolife podcasts of Majorie Dannenfelser of Susan B Anthony ---- :; very good news cast ; also see .

10) “Their Blood Cries Out” here at Right Wing Watch. In “Their Blood Cries Out,” written in 2000 and revised in 2003, Newman lays out the case for churches to oppose abortion rights, saying that by failing to follow what he says is the biblical response to abortion — executing abortion providers and treating women who have abortions as “murderers” — the country is mired in “bloodguilt” and is awaiting the judgment of God. In the meantime, Newman writes, the U.S. has experienced “warnings” from God about legal abortion, including the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. - See more at:

11) "Freedom of speech is a right which cannot be qualified. Once you start to qualify how it may be expressed, it is no longer free speech."

12) Australia's former prime minister Tony Abbott is in US to address the alliance Defending Freedom, conservative Christian lobby group on the topic of prolife and anti-same-sex.

13) Other #prolife blogs and sites I own and create that are each different are: [pencil drawings that I drew of stages of human development LIFE [or at]

ANTI-LIFE New Orleans :

The anti-life news that prolifers must know about to combat:New Orleans censoring public speech :


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