Friday, December 26, 2014

The Angel of THE LORD still tells women of their conceptions

The greatest prolife story ever told is written :" ...and The angel of THE LORD came unto her [Mary] and said, "hail, thou that art highly favoured; THE LORD is with thee; blessed art thou among women. And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be. And the angel said unto her, 'fear not, Mary; for thou hast found favour with GOD. And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son, and shalt call His name JESUS. HE shall be great and shall be called The Son of THE HIGHEST ,ad THE LORD GOD shall give unto Him the throne of his father David. And He shall reign over the house of Jacob forever; and of His kingdom there shall be no end. Then said Mary unto The Angel, 'how can this be seeing I know not [sexually] a man ? " And The Angel answered and said unto her, ' THE HOLY GHOST shall come upon the, and the power of THE HIGHEST shall overshadow thee; therefore that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called The Son of GOD. ..And Mary said, 'behold the handmaid of THE LORD; be it unto me according to thy word. And The Angel departed from her. " Luke 1: 28:35 & 38, King James Holy Bible.

For the record, this is a photo I photographed to illustrate the Christmas story. I am a Southern Baptist Christian single woman who produces this blog.

Some of the prolife news numbered for reference:

1) Public law aimed at preventing suicides amongst U S Military: [quote:] " the Jacob Sexton Military Suicide Prevention Act with my Republican colleague, Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi. The Sexton Act aims to make mental health a central element of a servicemember’s overall readiness in three key ways:

It requires annual mental health assessments for all servicemembers, including members of the Active, Guard and Reserve components.

It will ensure that seeking help remains a sign of strength by maintaining strong privacy protections for service members.

It requires a Pentagon report to evaluate existing military mental health practices and provide recommendations for improvement, including peer-to-peer programs that I have proposed in the past. " Info from email sent to me by U S Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana on 23rd Dec 2014

2) A prolife success story about #PROLIFE Tim Tebow who has a foundation that built a hospital in Phillipines:

3) A wonderful video of surgery on a 23 week gestation baby in womb:;

4) is good article [prolife] w/ quote :"The birth of Jesus remains not just the greatest hope of mankind, but the most powerful pro-life story ever told. "

5) From this quote: "On Friday, Governor Kasich signed Ohio Right to Life’s adoption reform legislation, S.B. 250, following historic bipartisan majority votes from the Senate, 29-1, and the House of Representatives, 81-4. This adoption reform will eliminate unnecessary costs, protect birth parents and adoptive families, prevent fraud and minimize the bureaucracy in the Ohio adoption process.

The following is a statement from Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life:

At present, middle-class and low-income Ohio families are essentially unable to adopt due to the accumulation of expenses during the adoption process. The adoption reform legislation targets these expenses by increasing the current $1,500 tax credit up to $10,000.

Thanks to an increased tax credit and a shortened adoption decree challenge period, Ohioans will now partake in a more simplified, affordable process that remains compassionate and supportive to birth parents."

6) "Texas Center for Defense of Life TCDL) was incorporated as a pro-life nonprofit legal organization by Greg Terra and Stephen Casey."... "TCDL’s mission is to “aggressively defend the sanctity of human life in Texas and federal courts from conception through natural death.” They provide pro bono legal representation and support to pro-life organizations and people throughout the state of Texas. While they are nonpartisan, they are affiliated with Alliance Defending Freedom, the largest Christian legal group in the United States."

7)" [an abortuary in Michigan ] had its surgical outpatient facility license suspended on Nov. 21 for seven different violations." THINK how many babies will be saved in the time that horrible place is closed and praise GOD; and pray that it never re-opens!


"...according to SCIENCE, Life begins at conception, therefore that life conceived (whether convenient or inconvenient to the one carrying that life) has those same rights as you or I! " from:

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Personhood for all is still the prolife goal; update

I, Gloria Poole,RN, artist, own this blog and write the posts on it. That is necessary to write especially today because someone tried to hijack my name, my professional status as Registered Nurse and my icon from the oil painting I painted and named "midwife". You can read more about that on my blog on today's post at

Back on task to remind world that gaining legal status of personhood for all is still my goal in creating this blog & all prolife blogs of mine.

Thank GOD for men like [attorney & National Policy Director for the Personhood Alliance] Gualberto Garcia Jones, JD! who said: [Quote:] "Those who have been in the Personhood movement know that the goal was always to be standard bearers. To use the initiative process as a way to call people back to their conscience." ..."Personhood looked at the undue burden test and responded emphatically that not only do we want to create an undue burden, but we demand the total abolition of abortion. "And "Right now, fighting the abortion industry at the state level is akin to having lined up a battalion of colonists against the well-trained and well armed redcoats. We need to start engaging in more asymmetrical tactics, and this means engaging the enemy in municipalities and counties that we know we control.

This can be done at the legislative and political level, as Georgia Right to Life and other groups have done by the endorsement of state officials, or it can be done by engaging in municipal ballot measures.

Local laws deal with many powers that touch upon the personhood of the preborn, from local health and building codes to local law enforcement such as child abuse prevention. It is time to establish the recognition of universal human personhood into these laws. ...I refuse to lower the bar, and I think most personhood activists would agree with me that the cause of the preborn is too important to give up. Instead, we need to fight harder, smarter, and this means to fight at the local level....Personhood must never surrender."

Other prolife news and events since my previous post:

1) Prolife breakfast w/ speaker sponsored by People for Life on Jan 17, 2015:

2) Quote: "President of Life Matters Worldwide Tom Lothamer says churches can’t abandon the biblical pro-life message. God created man in His image, and Lothamer says that image is the basis of our view of people."..."Life Matters can help your church integrate pro-life ministry. “We’re in churches all the time and teaching about this. We have all kinds of materials–pastors’ materials and education materials for lay people, from conception to natural death."

3) Quote: "thousands of pro-life advocates are forgoing the coverage because it conflicts with their religious beliefs."

4) Connecticut is offering "ObamaCare" that does not provide for abortions:

5) From : w/ quote: "Does the Charter of Rights and Freedoms apply to Canada’s university students, even if they are pro-life? That was the question before the British Columbia Supreme Court in mid-October, as it heard a petition from the pro-life Youth Protecting Youth club and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association targeting the University of Victoria. At stake is whether the University of Victoria student society (UVSS) has the right to punish student clubs for pro-life activities and whether the University of Victoria has the right to enforce those punishments." - See more at:

6) Spreading the #prolife mission to Uganda: From :

7) Good news of #prolife activities in United Nations, Switzerland, Nairobi, Madrid :

8) From: w/ quote :"The bill known as “Zoe’s Law”..."if passed, the new law would have meant that if someone caused the destruction of, or harm to a foetus they would be charged with grievous bodily harm to the foetus, instead of being charged with grievous bodily harm to the pregnant woman. 3333882652_aaf7ef6854_oThe bill passed easily through the Lower House via a conscience vote, but stalled in the Upper House." Has photo of ultrasound that clearly shows human baby.

- See more at:

9) From Ireland ,this quote: ""We are calling this campaign the Compatible With Life, Compatible With Love campaign because we recognise that the phrase 'incompatible with life' is not a medical diagnosis: rather, it's a judgment which is used to deny the humanity of our children and the value of their lives."

10) about School teacher in Rio who saved the lives of 3000 babies

11) My other #prolife blogs that are individually created and written by me are [It's all about ending abortion]

and possibly others. I put information that updates frequently on blogs and information that remains the same longer on sites as a general rule with the goal of educating and or re-educating the general population on the issues.

I posted this notice : "Update by me Gloria Poole,RN, artist of Missouri on 11 Dec 2014 at 2:59pm: I disabled, removed members, and deleted the forum "choose_life" because it had been totally hijacked by perverts, abortionists bad people, and I only knew that today after changing about nine passwords! I am sure the propaganda arm of that evil planned parenthood was behind it as they try actively to destroy prolife activists in any way they can, including ruining their reputation on web. But thanks be to GOD, they have't ruined me. As far as I know that forum that I began decently years ago to discuss prolife issues , and had forgotten about after 2 attempts on my life and concussions as a consequence, is gone permanently from the web. The message I received as a clicked the delete group? button, was that it could not be undone if I deleted it, and that was good news to me. I do not EVER want bad people using my name or sending messages to my accounts or using my name or professional status as R.N. in any way. " to these other sites of mine also:




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I, Gloria Poole, am a white, Southern Baptist Christian, brown-haired woman, single-again, twice-divorced,natural mother of only two children who are grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh, and also a republican, personhood promoter, prolife activist-blogger, photographer, artist in all mediums, poet, author, illustrator, cartoonist, writer, University of Georgia alumna, U S citizen born in the state of Georgia [but I lived in several places including New York, UK briefly, Nebraska, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina], former TV producer,tweeter, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri [but before that in Georgia, UK, other states], owner/writer/blogger/photographer/illustrator for words that WORK, and also for Tapestry of LIFE,and also for Life Media & Publishing in years 2004-2011; and a just-for-fun-photographer, and citizen journo . Gloria Poole is my real, born with legal name and I resumed my full maiden name including my surname of Poole legally by Court order at the time of divorce from male DBP in Colorado in Oct, 2007 at Centennial, Colorado; and I also removed the Pappas name from my name forevermore at the time of final decree in Oct 2007 . I was glad to end that four year horrible marriage of multiple trauma and injuries to me caused by male DBP, [which I testified about in Court on several occasions ]. That second divorce is public record in the state of Colorado, and my first divorce is public record in the state of Georgia. I have created art regularly since 1991, and I had formal training in drawing and in mixing colors /paint and painting in oils and I post much of the art I create on blogs of mine. You can see some of that art on one of my name blogs at and see the about me page of that blog for the list of art blogs I own and post art too, that are all different. .

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