Sunday, December 26, 2010

Obama planning your death to save $$$ for his next vacation

"Under the new policy, outlined in a Medicare regulation,
the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options for
end-of-life care, which may
include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment."
This quote is from NY Times article 26/Dec/2010 entitled "Obama returns to end-of-life-plan:..."
Planning your death while calling it 'wellness' appointment:
'Several Democratic members of Congress, led by Representative
Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Senator John D. Rockefeller IV of
West Virginia, had urged the administration to cover end-of-life
planning as a service offered under the Medicare wellness benefit.
A national organization of hospice care providers made the same recommendation."
In the news today: 8:35 AM 12/26/2010.
My comments as a Registered Nurse are:
!) I observed hos hospice works on several occasions. They withhold food and water even when the patient being killed is in a nursing home. and if that does not kill them fast enough, they start a morphine drip at a higher rate of morphine than is normal to cause respiratory arrest, and if that does not kill the person quick enough, they add drugs like potassium chloride in subtle overdoses to harm the heart's rhythym, and if that does not kill the person fast enough, they add thyroid medications to the chemical death-plan to make the heart race to cardiac arrest.
2) Then they put on their medical record that they died of 'natural causes' of 'heart attack' or tachycardia or cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest instead of ]the chemically-induced death of medical assassins that work for hospice.
I also know hospice is paid by Medicare in blocks of time--being paid for six months time to kill off the sick and handicapped and if they do that sooner, it's pure profit to the wicked. [ I reviewed medical records for Medicare and Medicaid years ago as Medical peer Reviewer and got my eyes opened to the trends in what is euphemistically labeled as health care by hospice and hospitals that do organ transplants and abortions.
this is a PROLIFE blog. Hospice is NOT prolife but an organization that actively and passively kills the sick. My intention is to expose what they do in as plain English as possible and also name the demonic democrats who sponsor it so that voters could kick them out of office or impeach them for crimes against the nation.
The title is selected to remind you that Obama takes a quarterly vacation* while telling the nation that the situation is so dire because of his plan to pay abortionists' that his quarterly vacations for the next years are in jeopardy and his new shift-the-money-from-those-who-paid-into-the-system-plan is the "end-of-life-kill-em-before-they-use-resources-plan' as discussed by NY times and me also.
Gloria Poole,RN; at home in Missouri; 8:52am;26/Dec/2010
* *ffotnote: Obama was a University President and they, like trained seals take quarterly 'breaks 'on the endowment's expense account when the students are between quarters. It is one of the reasons tuition is sky high--perqs to fat cat Presidents on expense accounts.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lest you be deceived about Obama & fake "healthcare" reform

Lest you be deceived about the real intention of the fake health care 'reform' bill of Obama, it is about killing the preborn and forcing medical doctors, registered nurses, and pharmacists into the killing fields [or trying too, but good ones won't]. There are two articles in Life News about this and my comments head up the links not the words of Life News. Plan B and also Ella drugs are chemical abirtifacients designed to kill the tiny human in the womb. Also potassium chloride is sometimes injected into the heart of a sibling in the womb [a twin or multiple conception with more than one in utero] to kill off all but one baby and labeled the decptive term of a 'reduction' instead of an abortion to trick otherwise prolife women into killing one of their offspring..

This blog is a prolife blog. The events I am writing about are NOT prolife but warning the public so you could avoid the tricks,treachery and deceit of the democrats in general and Obamacare in specific is a prolife effort. Trusting Obamacare would be analougous to trusting your two year old to Herod of the Bible days and his Roman soldiers who were instructed to kill all babies two years old or younger.
Read the article below .Also remember that the declaration by the Obama killing machinery and his-lack-of-justice-dept that they intend to try to force those who took oaths to uphold life, to kill innocents has emboldened those in Washington state like Naral that evil from hell ngo that gets major money from the Dept of Defense, and the planned killing machinery aka known euphemistically and falsely as planned parenthood since they do not plan for anyone to ever be a parent since their goal is to kill all unborn/preborn humans. Read articles :

And attempts by womb-assassins to force parmacists to participate in dispensing a drug that kills known as "Plan B" or anoter drug
that kills that is named "Ella" :

ObamaCare all about forcing medical doctors to particpate in killing;
9:07 AM 12/21/2010
Gloria Poole,RN; 9:43am;21/Dec/2010; in Missouri
Update 7:38am;22/Dec/2010 in Missouri by Gloria Poole with this news that is relevant to the topic of what is not health care and which points out the dividing line for many hospitals and professionals across the nation into those who will not kill for pay and those who would. As follows:
Backing up their words about what the catholic church teaches about the sanctity of human life and their charitable support for hospitals ,with action the catholic church disconnects from abortion-providing hospital. Read article in CNN today at:
Thank you Bishop Thomas Olsted for taking a stand for human life in the womb!
7:31 AM 12/22/2010
And also, FYI, to understand how the wicked are being so emboldened read how the Federal Reserve tried to tell a privately owned bank that it could not have christian content in it's lobby. The Federal Reserve is not a Constitutionally recognized entity with law-enforcement ability or oversight of the Constitution.Remember it started usurping privilege and wealth when Obama hijacked the nation and Constitution with his Wall St buy-out tricks and con-games.
About Federal Reserve trying to prevent private bank from stating Christian belief:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sup Ct Judge Dickinson don't change GA law

Those who kill for money are trying to pervert GA law [The law (O.C.G.A.
16-5-5) says that anyone who “publicly advertises, offers, or holds himself
or herself out as offering“ to assist with a suicide is guilty of a felony.]. Read article at:

"Final Exit" as it calls itself is about killing sick people for money. Their attorney Robert Rivas does not understand plain English since he said he cannot understand those words written in the first paragraph here. He uses nonsense words to try to confuse the issues.

Georgia Superior Court Judge David L Dickinson don't waffle,please, for the sake
of the sick and mentally ill, or handicapped.

This news from Atlanta Journal and Constitution today 6:46 PM 12/10/2010.

This is a prolife website that educates the public on the issues. The terminally ill as they are labeled do not need assistance in dying-- GOD will take care of that on HIS timetable and with HIS method. Those who 'assist' suicides are murderers. Don't be deceived by euphemistic terms and propaganda of those who kill.

Gloria Poole,RN; in Missouri; 7:45pm;10/Dec/2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Warning: bad NY Plan NY ambulance to take organs

In the NY Times and also other news sources this am, is an article of a pilot program to use the city's ambulances to take a person declared dead by EMT's to a special
place to keep them alive long enough to cut out their vital parts. NAZI medicine has
arrived in NY and the public should be aware of it, to avoid falling into those traps.
Here are the flaws in their plan:
+ if a person is truly dead then their organs are also. A person's entire body dies
when the heart and respirations stop and cannot be restarted.
+ If the plan as detailed is able to keep the organs alive they are able to keep the PERSON alive. A person is not like a used car where changing the battery restores the car to a jumpstart.
+ EMT's do not usually declare a person dead as they do not have sufficient training to
make that judgement. Their skills do not match the level of medical training of medical doctors that are intensive,years-long, and require residency training with supervision. An EMT training is usually only about 9 months long and focuses on tasks,not disease and healing.
+ It is immoral to declare a person dead after minimal emergency medicine is available but transport the same person relabeled as 'donor' instead of human person
for specialized treatment including life support, ventilators, IV fliuds, cold therapy to reduce the body's need for oxygen to preserve the organs they want to cut out for someone else to use. Those same methods would also keep the PERSON alive to give time for healing. Allowing 20 minutes of so-called treatment by minimally skilled EMT's for a living person but hours or days of treatment for the same living person who was relabeled as 'donor' is using medicine to kill some people so other people selected by a political process*, get their body parts.
+ That plan is a NAZI medicine plan. Citizens of NY just say NO to medically declared by EMT's death for organ procurement.

This is a prolife blog. The purpose of this entry is to warn the public that NY 's ambulances and EMT's may not save your life but process you for dismemberment. Go to a real hospital that is not planning to prevent treatment to you in order to ship you off to be dismembered for sale of your body parts in the so-called donor program.

* footnote; it is a political process entirely since organ donations are paid for by Medicare programs and the hospitals get hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$$ for that macabre practice; and the hospitals are decided by a secretive closed to public process with sometimes [usually] lobbying by big hospitals to involve Senators in the process.
Gloria poole,RN;6:10AM;1-Dec-2010;at home in Missouri