Friday, December 10, 2010

Sup Ct Judge Dickinson don't change GA law

Those who kill for money are trying to pervert GA law [The law (O.C.G.A.
16-5-5) says that anyone who “publicly advertises, offers, or holds himself
or herself out as offering“ to assist with a suicide is guilty of a felony.]. Read article at:

"Final Exit" as it calls itself is about killing sick people for money. Their attorney Robert Rivas does not understand plain English since he said he cannot understand those words written in the first paragraph here. He uses nonsense words to try to confuse the issues.

Georgia Superior Court Judge David L Dickinson don't waffle,please, for the sake
of the sick and mentally ill, or handicapped.

This news from Atlanta Journal and Constitution today 6:46 PM 12/10/2010.

This is a prolife website that educates the public on the issues. The terminally ill as they are labeled do not need assistance in dying-- GOD will take care of that on HIS timetable and with HIS method. Those who 'assist' suicides are murderers. Don't be deceived by euphemistic terms and propaganda of those who kill.

Gloria Poole,RN; in Missouri; 7:45pm;10/Dec/2010

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