Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lest you be deceived about Obama & fake "healthcare" reform

Lest you be deceived about the real intention of the fake health care 'reform' bill of Obama, it is about killing the preborn and forcing medical doctors, registered nurses, and pharmacists into the killing fields [or trying too, but good ones won't]. There are two articles in Life News about this and my comments head up the links not the words of Life News. Plan B and also Ella drugs are chemical abirtifacients designed to kill the tiny human in the womb. Also potassium chloride is sometimes injected into the heart of a sibling in the womb [a twin or multiple conception with more than one in utero] to kill off all but one baby and labeled the decptive term of a 'reduction' instead of an abortion to trick otherwise prolife women into killing one of their offspring..

This blog is a prolife blog. The events I am writing about are NOT prolife but warning the public so you could avoid the tricks,treachery and deceit of the democrats in general and Obamacare in specific is a prolife effort. Trusting Obamacare would be analougous to trusting your two year old to Herod of the Bible days and his Roman soldiers who were instructed to kill all babies two years old or younger.
Read the article below .Also remember that the declaration by the Obama killing machinery and his-lack-of-justice-dept that they intend to try to force those who took oaths to uphold life, to kill innocents has emboldened those in Washington state like Naral that evil from hell ngo that gets major money from the Dept of Defense, and the planned killing machinery aka known euphemistically and falsely as planned parenthood since they do not plan for anyone to ever be a parent since their goal is to kill all unborn/preborn humans. Read articles :

And attempts by womb-assassins to force parmacists to participate in dispensing a drug that kills known as "Plan B" or anoter drug
that kills that is named "Ella" :

ObamaCare all about forcing medical doctors to particpate in killing;
9:07 AM 12/21/2010
Gloria Poole,RN; 9:43am;21/Dec/2010; in Missouri
Update 7:38am;22/Dec/2010 in Missouri by Gloria Poole with this news that is relevant to the topic of what is not health care and which points out the dividing line for many hospitals and professionals across the nation into those who will not kill for pay and those who would. As follows:
Backing up their words about what the catholic church teaches about the sanctity of human life and their charitable support for hospitals ,with action the catholic church disconnects from abortion-providing hospital. Read article in CNN today at:
Thank you Bishop Thomas Olsted for taking a stand for human life in the womb!
7:31 AM 12/22/2010
And also, FYI, to understand how the wicked are being so emboldened read how the Federal Reserve tried to tell a privately owned bank that it could not have christian content in it's lobby. The Federal Reserve is not a Constitutionally recognized entity with law-enforcement ability or oversight of the Constitution.Remember it started usurping privilege and wealth when Obama hijacked the nation and Constitution with his Wall St buy-out tricks and con-games.
About Federal Reserve trying to prevent private bank from stating Christian belief:

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