Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Warning: bad NY Plan NY ambulance to take organs

In the NY Times and also other news sources this am, is an article of a pilot program to use the city's ambulances to take a person declared dead by EMT's to a special
place to keep them alive long enough to cut out their vital parts. NAZI medicine has
arrived in NY and the public should be aware of it, to avoid falling into those traps.
Here are the flaws in their plan:
+ if a person is truly dead then their organs are also. A person's entire body dies
when the heart and respirations stop and cannot be restarted.
+ If the plan as detailed is able to keep the organs alive they are able to keep the PERSON alive. A person is not like a used car where changing the battery restores the car to a jumpstart.
+ EMT's do not usually declare a person dead as they do not have sufficient training to
make that judgement. Their skills do not match the level of medical training of medical doctors that are intensive,years-long, and require residency training with supervision. An EMT training is usually only about 9 months long and focuses on tasks,not disease and healing.
+ It is immoral to declare a person dead after minimal emergency medicine is available but transport the same person relabeled as 'donor' instead of human person
for specialized treatment including life support, ventilators, IV fliuds, cold therapy to reduce the body's need for oxygen to preserve the organs they want to cut out for someone else to use. Those same methods would also keep the PERSON alive to give time for healing. Allowing 20 minutes of so-called treatment by minimally skilled EMT's for a living person but hours or days of treatment for the same living person who was relabeled as 'donor' is using medicine to kill some people so other people selected by a political process*, get their body parts.
+ That plan is a NAZI medicine plan. Citizens of NY just say NO to medically declared by EMT's death for organ procurement.

This is a prolife blog. The purpose of this entry is to warn the public that NY 's ambulances and EMT's may not save your life but process you for dismemberment. Go to a real hospital that is not planning to prevent treatment to you in order to ship you off to be dismembered for sale of your body parts in the so-called donor program.

* footnote; it is a political process entirely since organ donations are paid for by Medicare programs and the hospitals get hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$$ for that macabre practice; and the hospitals are decided by a secretive closed to public process with sometimes [usually] lobbying by big hospitals to involve Senators in the process.
Gloria poole,RN;6:10AM;1-Dec-2010;at home in Missouri

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