Monday, June 28, 2010

Italian Singer Andrea B tells of his prolife committment

Please watch and listen to the words of Italian singer Andrea at:

They are powerful reminders that when women are pregnant, they have the most wonderful blessing of all--the most wonderful gift, that should be nurtured in the womb and delivered alive.
And please remember these words of JESUS:
"even so, it is not the will of your FATHER [GOD] which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14, KJV.
Also note that the video shows some ads and that I am not catholic nor am I suggesting the catholic church; but the true prolifers of the catholic church are important to the prolife cause.
Also thanks to Google and the prolife alert that brought this video to my attention, and to the Italian Singer Andrea B for sharing it with the world.
Gloria Poole,RN; at my home in Missouri; 4:24 PM,28-June-2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sadistic immoral medical doctors who torture and kill

About sadistic medical doctors,who intentionally inflict suffering, torment, and pain:
This article in NY Times is about those medical doctors who willingly
participated in near-drowning of the people accused of terrorism
who had not be found guilty in a court of law. How is nearly drowning
a grown-up worst than chopping into pieces a baby in the womb? How is
it that the moral outrage of the nation that rises up against doctors who
witness or participate in the near drowning of an adult, but is silent
when they know beyond a shadow of doubt that abortion is much much worst,
and that abortion does indeed kill inflicting agony without mercy, without anesthesia,without any 'legal' right an innocent defenseless human being?
Hows does this nation split hairs on the moral wrongness of near-drowning
[waterboarding] of "terrorists" while giving immoral permission to the decapitation and dismemberment of humans in the womb as a so-called 'right" when it is a
heinous wrong?
The schizophrenia of the Untied States [misspelled on purpose] is showing big
time. The split down the middle, the fractured consciences are on display for the
world to see. The absolute lack of morals is what the world acknowledges about
America and probably what they hate the most about America. America where
liquor, illegal drugs importation and killing are the main sources of revenue, is
becoming a nation to flee from not too.
I am opposed to the murders of innocents in the womb. And I am opposed to those medical doctors who are licensed by their respective states to dispense life-giving
real health care intervention, but instead use their skills, licenses, and political power to inflict pain, suffering and death. I see no difference in those sort of "doctors" [and term used loosely], and the 'doctors' who dispensed gassing of the Jews as the 'best treatment available to them" in the Nazi regime of terror.
This is a prolife blog owned by and written by me Gloria Poole,RN of Missouri, though my RN license is still in Colorado at the moment. I write to educate the public around the world of the horrors of abortion and of the wrongness of medical killing, praying that when you know the truth you will choose life*. And to warn that the Obama entire goal is to implement and expand medical killing branching into withholding of health care necessary to live, and using drugs intended for one purpose for an unauthorized use that leads to decline of health and death, and using doctors to kill the innocents in the womb and paying them with taxpayer dollars. I am opposed to Obama on principle and I will never change my mind about the evil of his administration and of him personally. Any man who writes an executive order to slaughter innocents in the womb is a Hitler in my opinion.
* Footnote:
from Deuteronomy 30:19-20 as written in King James Holy Bible: " I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live; that thou mayest love THE LORD thy GOD and that thou mayest obey HIS VOICE, and that thou mayest cleave unto HIM; for HE is thy life and the length of thy days, that thou mayest dwell in the land which THE LORD sware unto thy fathers..."
Gloria Poole, at my home in Missouri; 14-June-2010; @ 8:41 AM
Update at 6:08 with good news that the FDA upheld the ban on the giving of blood by homosexuals. I read about FDA decision in CNN and quote from that article: "Health statistics show that men who have sex with men have a
higher rate of diseases including HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.
Gay men who would be likely to donate have an HIV prevalence that
is over 15 times higher than that of the general population,
according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
A quote from article about the FDA upholding the ban on blood donations
by homosexuals.And also this quote: "The blood donations go through HIV
antigen screening (to detect antibodies produced by the body in
response to the virus) and nucleic acid testing. However, there is
a "window period" for about two weeks after an individual becomes infected
with HIV when these tests cannot detect the virus. Read the article in CNN news today: 5:57 PM 6/14/2010.
The moral of this is never never never have sex with a homosexual man! Or a homosexual woman for that matter.
For the sake of your health and good blood lines and clean gene pool just avoid that class of people as much as possible when considering intimate relationships.
Gloria Poole, 6:10 PM;14th June 2010 in Missouri.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Say NO to ObamaCare killing by remote connection

There is an article in the NY Times today featuring the 'new' killing plan of Obama health care reform to totally remove medical doctors from health care and replace them with abortionists who kill by remote. It is a horrible plan. Abortion is the worst evil that has ever been tolerated in America, worst than slavery, worst than lynching black men, worst than the Civil War. It is evil and it is generational suicide.
The article in the NY Times tells of how the planned unparenthood killing machinery of Iowa has devised a new killing scheme, in which a doctor who never sees or examines the patient, prescribes by remote a drug that kills the unborn/preborn human in the womb and in some cases also kills the woman who houses the unborn/preborn human.
The abortion by chemicals is as deadly as the surgical instrumentation kind. It is intended to kill and it is NOT health care. No matter what the NY Times that gets its money from paid op-ed pieces written by planned unparenthood killing machinery, tells you, killing is NOT health care. The fact that a person who may or may not be a medical doctor gets paid by ObamaCare to kill the innocent in the womb, clicks a button on a remote computer, does not legitimize killing and it is does meet the standards for health care in any nation, and it does not meet the standards of GOD's commandments of 'thou shalt not kill'.
The fact that the remote killing plan is acceptable to ObamaCare killing to depopulate nation and overthrow it, should tell you a whole lot.
In a time when health care was about life and living and well-being, a medical doctor actually had to do a real physical exam before any surgical intervention and before administering any sort of drug that had the potential to be lethal. In the new and so-called reform of Obama and his killing cohorts, medical doctors are dispensed with and replaced by abortionists with no souls or consciences whatsoever.
All you women who read this,say NO to such evil. Do not even consider it. It is deadly to your baby and deadly to you in some instances. Do not take any killing drugs! NOT ever. And you men who are the fathers of babies in the wombs, do not allow your wives, [girl friends, fiancees] to be involved in such evil. Be real men and stand up and be counted for the innocents. Protect your flesh and blood from the evil killing plan of Obama and his mercenaries.
Update at 9:57 am after reading my email, about ObamaCare rationing based upon life expectancy:
Read Death by Obamacare written by Phillip Brennan in the Canada Press
for June 8th, 2010 at:
Update at 10:43 AM after reading article in Wall St Journal via Google news:
Read "The Alien in the White House " written by Dorothy Rabinowitz in the Wall St Journal at:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Could be good news for preborns -Gates Philanthropy

This article in USA Today could be very good news for the preborn and those mothers at high risk. It is good news IF it is really about prenatal care such as adequate numbers of medical doctors for all areas, and prenatal vitamins and increased folic acid to prevent birth defects, and adequate amounts of nutrition rich foods. The article is located at:
This is really really good news if it means that the Gates Foundation has stopped supporting the premeditated killing in the womb, and started supporting with money and words the GOD-given idea that women should have living babies.
Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates of Microsoft, is co-chairwoman of the world's largest philanthropic organization and they are
giving $1.5 billion to the " Women Deliver" effort to save the lives
of women who are pregnant and their babies in the womb, via prenatal
care, according to the article in USA Today.
And Canada, GOD bless them,is planning to ask the nations in the G8 summit
to be held in Ontario later this month,to get involved in the 'major' maternal-child health initiative
Read article in USA Today at link.And see
Women who are at risk of premature births or early labor or complications need specialized prenatal care.The risk factors for complications during childbirth are:
1) mother who smokes;
2) high BP of the mother;
3) mother who drinks alcohol;
4) mother who has certain systemic diseases such as diabetes, or heart disease;
5) mother whose pelvis is smaller than the baby's head [cephalo-pelvic disproportion; this requires Cesarian section where the baby is delivered by surgery and doctor reaches into uterus and removes LIVING crying usually baby then sews up uterus and muscles, fascia,ligaments that were cut. It is surgery.];
6) mother who gains too much weight [but mothers should gain some weight for healthy baby];
7) mother who uses drugs [illegal especially since those are not health inducing drugs; and also certain other types of drugs that might affect coronary output, or blood pressure [BP];
If the Gates Foundation is really going to provide REAL prenatal care and it is not some carefully worded trick to give money to evil of killing [abortion] then this news about their gift to Women Deliver is very good news indeed. If they are truly beginning a campaign to ask women to deliver LIVING babies instead of dead ones, I applaud Gates Foundation and Melinda Gates for their effort. If on the other hand it is not about living babies, I do not thank them at all!
Saving the human race has to be the number one priority of all charitable non-profits and those with a love of GOD, because the human race matters so much to GOD that HE sent HIS son on the Cross to redeem us humans from hell. And then rose Him up again on the 3rd day and He ascended to heaven where believers will go when they die and depart the physical earth.

Also see other websites of mine on the subject of producing human babies including these: and scroll to the midwife entry; and see the entries of medical sketches of human development and article 'How an embryo becomes a fetus' written by me [Gloria Poole,RN]; [It's all about ending abortion].
And follow the links on those sites also for more info. Educate yourself on the issues.
2:29 PM 6/7/2010
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 2:57 PM, 7_June-2010
Update on 12th-June-2010 after reading more in the BBC today about the "Women Deliver" philanthropic campaign of Bill and Melinda Gates:
"The Gates Foundation says it supports family planning,
but it does not fund abortion or take a position on the issue. "
From article today in the BBC news at:
and also this quote:
"The editor of the Lancet medical journal, Dr Richard Horton,
claimed the Women Deliver meeting had been "the most
significant event for the future of women and children in 20 years".
2:48 PM 6/12/2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LifeSiteNews exposes 'the pill' 's harmful effect on environment

From today, about how the contraceptive pill kills
the environment by adding synthetic estrogens to water supplies causing genetic
mutations in fish. A quote from the article :"“Scientists are
discovering ‘intersex’ fish in various areas around the world,”
said Hahnenberg, The Pill Kills project director.
“Studies in the United States, from California to Maryland
(including the Potomac River), have revealed that some male fish
have been feminized by the vast quantities of synthetic estrogen in the water.”

These groups are supporting the movement of 'the pill kills'
to end promotions of the contraceptive pill, and the pill itself:
Protest the Pill Day cosponsors include American Life League,
Human Life International, Pro-Life Wisconsin, Pharmacists for Life
International, Archdiocese of Mobile Respect Life, Operation Rescue,
Jill Stanek, Generation Life/Brandi Swindell, Life Education Ministry,
Pro-Life Unity, Movement for a Better America,
AMEN (Abortion Must End Now), Pro-Life Action of Oregon,
Children of God for Life, Expectant Mother Care/Chris Slattery,
Mother and Unborn Baby Care, Defenders of the Unborn,
California Right to Life Education Fund, Delaware Pro-Life Coalition,
Life Guard, Homeschoolers for Life, Focus Pregnancy Center,
Central Texas Voices for Life, Dubuque County Right to Life,
Couples for Christ Foundation for Family & Life,
Central Nebraskans United for Life, and CREDO Rochester, Inc."
And add my name to the supporters to end abortion as a right, to end the contraceptive pill, to end planned parenthood, to end RU0486 killing pill also.
Read the entire article at :
and please donate to the matching funds campaign of LifeSiteNews.
Please support Lifesitenews with HQ in Canada and offices in Front Royal Virginia;
and Lifenews of the US since they
both report the news as it affects the cause of human life. They do
a really excellent job of that too.
There is a way to donate on their website.
This is a prolife entry in the way that if the pill that prevents pregnancy is ended, then more pregnancies would occur and more living babies would be born,and the nation would repopulate.
Gloria Poole [RN], at my home in Missouri; 9:25 AM, 2-June-2010