Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Say NO to ObamaCare killing by remote connection

There is an article in the NY Times today featuring the 'new' killing plan of Obama health care reform to totally remove medical doctors from health care and replace them with abortionists who kill by remote. It is a horrible plan. Abortion is the worst evil that has ever been tolerated in America, worst than slavery, worst than lynching black men, worst than the Civil War. It is evil and it is generational suicide.
The article in the NY Times tells of how the planned unparenthood killing machinery of Iowa has devised a new killing scheme, in which a doctor who never sees or examines the patient, prescribes by remote a drug that kills the unborn/preborn human in the womb and in some cases also kills the woman who houses the unborn/preborn human.
The abortion by chemicals is as deadly as the surgical instrumentation kind. It is intended to kill and it is NOT health care. No matter what the NY Times that gets its money from paid op-ed pieces written by planned unparenthood killing machinery, tells you, killing is NOT health care. The fact that a person who may or may not be a medical doctor gets paid by ObamaCare to kill the innocent in the womb, clicks a button on a remote computer, does not legitimize killing and it is does meet the standards for health care in any nation, and it does not meet the standards of GOD's commandments of 'thou shalt not kill'.
The fact that the remote killing plan is acceptable to ObamaCare killing to depopulate nation and overthrow it, should tell you a whole lot.
In a time when health care was about life and living and well-being, a medical doctor actually had to do a real physical exam before any surgical intervention and before administering any sort of drug that had the potential to be lethal. In the new and so-called reform of Obama and his killing cohorts, medical doctors are dispensed with and replaced by abortionists with no souls or consciences whatsoever.
All you women who read this,say NO to such evil. Do not even consider it. It is deadly to your baby and deadly to you in some instances. Do not take any killing drugs! NOT ever. And you men who are the fathers of babies in the wombs, do not allow your wives, [girl friends, fiancees] to be involved in such evil. Be real men and stand up and be counted for the innocents. Protect your flesh and blood from the evil killing plan of Obama and his mercenaries.
Update at 9:57 am after reading my email, about ObamaCare rationing based upon life expectancy:
Read Death by Obamacare written by Phillip Brennan in the Canada Press
for June 8th, 2010 at:
Update at 10:43 AM after reading article in Wall St Journal via Google news:
Read "The Alien in the White House " written by Dorothy Rabinowitz in the Wall St Journal at:

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