Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LifeSiteNews exposes 'the pill' 's harmful effect on environment

From today, about how the contraceptive pill kills
the environment by adding synthetic estrogens to water supplies causing genetic
mutations in fish. A quote from the article :"“Scientists are
discovering ‘intersex’ fish in various areas around the world,”
said Hahnenberg, The Pill Kills project director.
“Studies in the United States, from California to Maryland
(including the Potomac River), have revealed that some male fish
have been feminized by the vast quantities of synthetic estrogen in the water.”

These groups are supporting the movement of 'the pill kills'
to end promotions of the contraceptive pill, and the pill itself:
Protest the Pill Day cosponsors include American Life League,
Human Life International, Pro-Life Wisconsin, Pharmacists for Life
International, Archdiocese of Mobile Respect Life, Operation Rescue,
Jill Stanek, Generation Life/Brandi Swindell, Life Education Ministry,
Pro-Life Unity, Movement for a Better America,
AMEN (Abortion Must End Now), Pro-Life Action of Oregon,
Children of God for Life, Expectant Mother Care/Chris Slattery,
Mother and Unborn Baby Care, Defenders of the Unborn,
California Right to Life Education Fund, Delaware Pro-Life Coalition,
Life Guard, Homeschoolers for Life, Focus Pregnancy Center,
Central Texas Voices for Life, Dubuque County Right to Life,
Couples for Christ Foundation for Family & Life,
Central Nebraskans United for Life, and CREDO Rochester, Inc."
And add my name to the supporters to end abortion as a right, to end the contraceptive pill, to end planned parenthood, to end RU0486 killing pill also.
Read the entire article at :
and please donate to the matching funds campaign of LifeSiteNews.
Please support Lifesitenews with HQ in Canada and offices in Front Royal Virginia;
and Lifenews of the US since they
both report the news as it affects the cause of human life. They do
a really excellent job of that too.
There is a way to donate on their website.
This is a prolife entry in the way that if the pill that prevents pregnancy is ended, then more pregnancies would occur and more living babies would be born,and the nation would repopulate.
Gloria Poole [RN], at my home in Missouri; 9:25 AM, 2-June-2010

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