Monday, June 7, 2010

Could be good news for preborns -Gates Philanthropy

This article in USA Today could be very good news for the preborn and those mothers at high risk. It is good news IF it is really about prenatal care such as adequate numbers of medical doctors for all areas, and prenatal vitamins and increased folic acid to prevent birth defects, and adequate amounts of nutrition rich foods. The article is located at:
This is really really good news if it means that the Gates Foundation has stopped supporting the premeditated killing in the womb, and started supporting with money and words the GOD-given idea that women should have living babies.
Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates of Microsoft, is co-chairwoman of the world's largest philanthropic organization and they are
giving $1.5 billion to the " Women Deliver" effort to save the lives
of women who are pregnant and their babies in the womb, via prenatal
care, according to the article in USA Today.
And Canada, GOD bless them,is planning to ask the nations in the G8 summit
to be held in Ontario later this month,to get involved in the 'major' maternal-child health initiative
Read article in USA Today at link.And see
Women who are at risk of premature births or early labor or complications need specialized prenatal care.The risk factors for complications during childbirth are:
1) mother who smokes;
2) high BP of the mother;
3) mother who drinks alcohol;
4) mother who has certain systemic diseases such as diabetes, or heart disease;
5) mother whose pelvis is smaller than the baby's head [cephalo-pelvic disproportion; this requires Cesarian section where the baby is delivered by surgery and doctor reaches into uterus and removes LIVING crying usually baby then sews up uterus and muscles, fascia,ligaments that were cut. It is surgery.];
6) mother who gains too much weight [but mothers should gain some weight for healthy baby];
7) mother who uses drugs [illegal especially since those are not health inducing drugs; and also certain other types of drugs that might affect coronary output, or blood pressure [BP];
If the Gates Foundation is really going to provide REAL prenatal care and it is not some carefully worded trick to give money to evil of killing [abortion] then this news about their gift to Women Deliver is very good news indeed. If they are truly beginning a campaign to ask women to deliver LIVING babies instead of dead ones, I applaud Gates Foundation and Melinda Gates for their effort. If on the other hand it is not about living babies, I do not thank them at all!
Saving the human race has to be the number one priority of all charitable non-profits and those with a love of GOD, because the human race matters so much to GOD that HE sent HIS son on the Cross to redeem us humans from hell. And then rose Him up again on the 3rd day and He ascended to heaven where believers will go when they die and depart the physical earth.

Also see other websites of mine on the subject of producing human babies including these: and scroll to the midwife entry; and see the entries of medical sketches of human development and article 'How an embryo becomes a fetus' written by me [Gloria Poole,RN]; [It's all about ending abortion].
And follow the links on those sites also for more info. Educate yourself on the issues.
2:29 PM 6/7/2010
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 2:57 PM, 7_June-2010
Update on 12th-June-2010 after reading more in the BBC today about the "Women Deliver" philanthropic campaign of Bill and Melinda Gates:
"The Gates Foundation says it supports family planning,
but it does not fund abortion or take a position on the issue. "
From article today in the BBC news at:
and also this quote:
"The editor of the Lancet medical journal, Dr Richard Horton,
claimed the Women Deliver meeting had been "the most
significant event for the future of women and children in 20 years".
2:48 PM 6/12/2010

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