Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dirty Big Secret of medical circles and so-called studies

I read this morning the AP news article about a so-called study in Denmark that was intended to persuade the public that abortion is safe, but abortion is not safe,not health care and not moral. The dirty big secret is that the only medical practice that asks a woman iif she had an abortion is ob-gyn doctors who have to know that. Even fertility clinics' doctors do not ask that question according to a clinic that is in Atlanta GA. When I asked them why since abortion is the major cause of sterility, the reply was we don't want to know because it would affect the public's impression of abortion. Keeping the public ignorant of the sequelae of abortion is as necessary to the killing-of-innocents-in-womb-machinery as keeping the Germans ignorant of the good the Jews did in their society in Nazi era, was. Ignorance of the facts--how gruesome abortion is, how bloody it is, how nauseating it is to those who witness it, how mind splintering, soul deadening and ruinous it is--is the entire goal of the Planned Unparenthood machinery and propaganda.
The study in Denmark is worthless. It proves only that Denmark psychiatrists' do not ask women who appear for help the question of it they ever had an abortion. Psychiatrists in the US don't either as part of the secret pact with abortion-loving-lobbyists-for-killing-groups-who-twist-the-arms-of-AMA. I think the Christian Medical Society medical doctors do ask that question because it is relevant to everything that happens in a woman's life. There are more than 60 MILLION sterile women in the US secondary to abortion. The numbers of unhappy women since they killed their babies is that many plus more. If Psychiatrists were part of the solution and not part of the problem, the propaganda about abortion would be dispelled quickly.
Do not believe any so-called study paid for by Planned Parenthhod, or Guttmacher, or the Kennedy foundation, or the Centre for Reproductive [killing] rights, or the Marie Stopes killing centers, or any group whose sole purpose is killing innocents. Ted Kennedy made his fortune on dead tiny humans--he was no saint. He was a killer of a woman and was never prosecuted for it and rode into office on the coattails and nation's guilt from his brothers, and he spent his career putting his clout behind killing of innocents in the womb. He voted against human life in the womb more than 70 times in his career. If his 'foundation' or the "William Jefferson Clinton foundation" paid for study it is worthless propaganda.
Gloria Poole,RN;6:45am;27/Jan/2011;@my apt in Missouri

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