Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An absence of consensus is not an absence of truth by Prolife Nurse Gloria Poole,RN

I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist, am updating this with some of the latest prolife news and events. I am numbering for ease of reference.

1) Excellent quote: " But an absence of consensus does not imply an absence of truth." From :

2) "Ladies for Life" tea in La Crosse Wisconsin "was hosted by Pro-Life Wisconsin’s affiliate group, Life League of La Crosse, and provided an excellent source of education, fellowship, and encouragement for pro-Life women in the La Crosse area."

3) Chloe helps Gov Corbett sign a prolife bill giving resources to Down's syndrome children:

4) "Protecting unborn children is, as Dr. Alveda King told the NRLC Convention Prayer Breakfast, the “continuation of the Civil Rights Movement.” She added, “Abortion is one of the greatest Civil Rights issues of our time.”

5) The good, prolife citizens of Troy, Ohio need to protest the effort by their city to silence #prolifers:

6) CBR Virginia prolife bootcamp details scheduled for August 29th:

7) From :; article : "Anger of pro-life activists as police officer watches protester tear down their display of very graphic posters but doesn't act on their complaints Footage shows protesters stealing the displays in Jackson, Mississippi ."

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8) Calaveras County Calif defies ACLU over recognizing religious institutions that help pregnant women:

9) Voters in Louisiana beware: Senator Mary Landrieu of La is not prolife:

"The Louisiana Right to Life Federation gives Landrieu only a 27 percent score while she has a 100% pro-abortion record according to National Right to Life. She has also voted for a resolution that supports Roe v. Wade, the decision that made abortion in the United States legal." But her opponent Rob Maness is prolife and said: "As a Senator, I will support our values, our families, and more importantly life. Without life we have no liberty. Life is our most basic right, the right from which all our other rights derive. Everyone has not only the right to life, but a responsibility to protect it, especially for those that can't protect themselves." From : If you read this article close the FEMA attempt to hijack the article by clicking the x in top corner.

10) Prolife Congressman running for office in Michigan : Contact him at:

11) Rockford's Face the Truth event is Aug 12th:

12) Massachusetts voters contact your State legislators to stop Massachusetts from accomplishing an run-around of Supreme Court decision about buffer zones being unconstitutional:

13) National Right to Life academy:

Quote: "The National Right to Life Academy brings some of the brightest pro-life college students to Washington and gives them an intensive summer course on every aspect of the pro-life movement, from bioethics to lobbying; from fetal development to how to effectively spread the pro-life message in the media." And : "Some of our students this summer were giving informative speeches on the development of the unborn child. The assignment is a great way for them to learn the medical facts and to practice presenting a pro-life message to the public at the same time." From :

14) Interview with Claire Chretien, President of Bama Students for Life: with quote:

"As president of the campus’s pro-life club, Bama Students for Life, she worked with Alliance Defending Freedom when the university threatened the First Amendment rights of the pro-life students on campus."

m 15) is one of my prolife blogs and I updated it with info and resources for midwives.

16) I put my protest of how feminists have warped the U S on another blog of mine at: Read words to understand image.

17) I updated on July 18th. #savethebabyhumans

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