Saturday, July 31, 2010

OPPOSE embryonic stem cell research every time it surfaces

The following quotes are from an article in the Mercury News today that is a propaganda piece/marketing tool of the ungodly research of the biotech company named in the article:
"However, no people have ever been tested using human embryonic stem
cells, That's partly because critics — many of them involved in
religious and anti-abortion groups — argue that research with the
cells is unethical because the embryos the cells come from are

In addition, some scientists have feared that if the cells are
injected into people they might form teratomas, which are growths
of unwanted cells."

Human embryoes are not only life "forms' but HUMAN BEINGS. They are human from the get-go since a human woman and a human man when they come together in the s-e-x * act and reproduce themselves they reproduce humans. It is called the law of genetics. And it is medical fact that a human has human DNA which is different from any other species on this planet and they have human DNA from conception/fertilization when the human male sperm penetrates the human female egg. And it is not merely that scientists 'feared' that the cells caused cancers,it is fact. It is a proven fact that the embryonic stem cells when injected into others cause cancers.
I quote these words because they show the media's spin on the truth.
The biotech industries killed-baby-processing-plants are desperate. Their entire
Hitleresque ungodly research needs tiniest most innocent human bodies
to destroy and defile. That research is an attempt to defy GOD HIMSELF,
and is a violation of the international Code of Law known as the Nuremberg
Code about human research since obviously the tiny humans cannot give
informed consent to be mutilated and destroyed.
I am absolutely OPPOSED to all embryonic stem cell research as it violates the very intent of the Commandment of GOD of 'thou shalt not kill' in Exodus 20:13, and it also violates the prohibition in the Old Testament about defiling dead humans, and because it is supposed to be the plum that causes more abortions to produce more dead human beings for chopping, slicing, and dicing and smearing on culture plates in phony labs to get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
It is ungodly and I am certain that there will come a Day of Judgement on those biotech processing plants that chop and dice humans, and on those people who enabled that via under-handed manipulations in Congress like that woman from hell Nancy Pelosi and that Jezebel from hell H Clinton and that demonic force Charles Schumer and that most evil of all Obama who signed the death warrants of MILLIONS of innocents in the womb, when he wrote his 'executive order' to kill innocents in the womb around the world at U S Taxpayer expense.
Article in the Mercury News of California at:
8:15 AM 7/31/2010
Gloria Poole,RN [licensed in Colorado still but moved to Missouri on Oct 31,2009]; at my home in Missouri; 8:51 AM;31-July-2010
* Footnote; that word hyphenated to not make it the trigger word of a search by bad people looking to buy that online.

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