Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Most Ignorant Judges in History bought by Planned Parenthood

The news today is that a medically ignorant Judge in Nebraska put an injunction against the State law requiring women seeking an abortion to get psychological/mental health testing before an abortion. Her stupid reason was that she wanted those seeking an abortion to have and I quote 'qualify health care'. IF that is not the most stupid statement ever made by anyone when discussing abortion, I don't know what is. There is NO quality to abortions. Those abortionists in their freestanding clinics do not have to meet the national standards for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.They do not have to hire Registered Nurses to circulate their cases as hospitals and real Ambulatory Surgery Centers have to do. They don't have to hire any qualified staff at all in fact. The abortionist does not have to be a medical doctor to perform a destructive, potentially deadly invasive procedure and there does not have to be any sterilization guidelines followed etc. They are not surgery centers. There is a difference.
The fact that a Judge who is apparently totally ignorant of all things medical, makes a ruling about how medicine is practiced, is ridiculous. If this nation allowed medical doctors to make the laws about health care instead of the ignorant never took a science in their lives sorts like that Judge in Nebraska, and that ignorant Obama and that more ignorant woman Sebelius in HHS, then there would probably be some real health care given and not merely killing in the name of science.
And stupid Judge in Nebraska, I want to tell you something else. For cosmetic surgery good plastic surgeons require psychological/mental health evals because it changes the patient's appearance and has the potential to change their self image in a negative way also.Think of Michael Jackson and his horrible plastic surgeries. And the resultant drugs addictions he developed probably as a result.But you in your ignorance think that when a woman's most private innermost part is forced open with a metal instrument and scraped, suctioned, denuded of all cells and membranes, it has no potential to harm her physically or emotionally? How could you be so stupid?
Is it possibly the money that Planned Parenthood paid you for a decision in their favor? Because there is absolutely no medical justification for you interfering into the best interests of medical/surgical patients to prevent them from getting the help that might later prevent suicides and major depressions.
I pray that Nebraska votes you out of office as soon as possible and finds a prolife Judge with integrity.
That totally ignorant Judge is federal Judge Laurie Smith Camp who is no doubt to me on the payroll of Planned Parenthood.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 2:04 Pm, 14-July-2010;
Update to tell you how I know these things:
I am a Registered Nurse since 1971. I worked in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and I reviewed medical records for the State of Georgia Medical Peer Review. I wrote the infection control policy manual for the Ambulatory Surgery Center in the Ambulatory Surgery Center I worked in,in Georgia and it was signed by the medical director and the doctors. I know that abortionists do not have to submit their medical records for review. I know that they are do not receive on-site inspection by JCAHO. I know that they do not have to comply with any existing medical establishment because of stupid Judges like Laurie Smith Camp who while being dumb as a post about medical standards have no qualms whatsoever in preventing any medical standards from being applied to their favorite hobby of killing innocents in the womb. They would have made Hitler so proud of them. They disgust me!

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