Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stop the Chicago Killing Machinery from Rolling on over babies

In the this afternoon,is an article in the Christian Science Monitor of how Roland Burris, who is Obama's point man for killing innocents, put an amendment into the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act to turn military hospitals into abortionists. It is evil as it is the cause of Planned Parenthood killing machinery and Burris is in their pocket.
It is a bad idea for many reasons:
1) when the focus of military hospitals changes from saving lives to killing, the Military will be defeated and the US destroyed.
2) When the "full faith and credit" of the US government via the Defense Budget is turned against the innocents in the womb, then the nation would be morally equivalent to that Herod of the Bible who ordered the killing of all Jewish babies under the age of two trying to kill/annihilate JESUS.
3) Planned Parenthood serves no good purpose. It is an evil as evil as jihad because it is jihad against America.
4) Women in the military have no place there in the first place but some women felt discriminated against by not being allowed to be sent into combat zones. If the Burris amendment is accepted then they will be effectively neutered because the Military will use that killing apparatus against them, and against their unborn children. Women will be reduced to androgynous forms and not real women. Real women have babies.
5) In any endeavour when the goal becomes a divided one split into for instance instead of winning wars the military becomes the budget source/tool for Planned Parenthood, then they lose. When Planned Parenthood becomes the nations' boss then it is all over but finding other nations that will take the prolifers to emigrate.
The prolifers will win because the proaborts will all die out. They won't live forever and their evil will die with them. But that takes a few generations and in the meantime the focus/purpose/goal of the military would have been perverted to total evil of killing innocents in the womb as the goals. Remember that the Roman Empire ended soon after the Herod evil reign of terror.And remember that there is no nation yet that has the power to defy The Almighty GOD.
And also remember that the Senate is only half the equation. No bill becomes law from one house of Congress. The full/entire Congress has to vote on every bill and there has to be enough votes to defeat it to prevent the long term bureaucrats in the Senate from dominating Congress.
Do not be deceived by the purpose of Burris. He was hand-picked by Obama because he is proabort and willing to kill innocents even black babies in the womb for his $$$ and label as a member of Congress and puppet of Obama. Vote Burris out and vote NO to the Burris Amendment on the National Defense Authorization act when it is debated soon, and then voted on. It is evil.
Gloria Poole,RN,; 2: 59 PM; 21-July-2010; at my home in Missouri

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