Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Webinar Tomorrow how to save human race from destruction

There is a free webinar tomorrow that has speakers from 30 different prolife organizations to teach the many issues involved in saving the human race from destruction. I urge you to sign up today and attend it. It is an all day 'class' but the sessions are scheduled so you know ahead of time when they are, in case you need to make arrangements to get the audio tapes on them. Sign up at: with your name and email address, and they send confirmation that you are registered to your email. The people and organizations are well known to be prolife activists.

This is a great opportunity for you to educate yourself on what is really going in America in the euphemistic label of 'women's rights'. Just to clarify neither women nor men have any 'right' to kill innocents or their offspring. It was a wicked Supreme Court decision that bypassed all common sense and no doubt with many bribes changing hands under the table, to create a fake law of Roe v Wade. I say it is fake and so do those who really know the laws of the US. The US Supreme Court has never had authority to create new laws. Read the US Constitution for yourself. It is plain English and less than 10 pages long. It is online or at your public library.

Don't be fooled by fools by wicked people [abortionists, Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes,Center for Reproductive killing] who are trying to lead you to hell. Learn about them on the webinar and then fight against them in all legal and moral ways. I think there will come a time when a civil war is in the US over ending abortion and that will involve actual combat, but that day has not arrived yet. Maybe the way to avoid that is getting an educated population who will no longer tolerate premeditated killing of innocents in the womb for any reason.
Vote prolife and remember that the democrats are the party of death, not life.
Gloria Poole, RN; at my home in Missouri; 11: 23 AM, 9th-July-2010

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