Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Nebraska law restricting abortion is a good law

"The law would require women wanting abortions to be screened by
doctors or other health professionals to determine whether they
had risk factors indicating they could have mental or physical
problems after an abortion. If screening wasn't performed or was
performed inadequately, a woman with mental or physical problems
resulting from an abortion could file a civil lawsuit,
according to the law. Doctors would not face criminal charges or
lose their medical licenses." from article in the AP news on yahoo
this afternoon :6:56 PM 8/18/2010
This law is to go into effect. Those who kill innocents in the womb for
a living are trying to block it at the judge. Those who kill innocent
babies for a living should be tarred and feathered and run out of the US!
They are evil.
This same practice is common practice for anybody seeking radical
plastic surgery and I know that because I am a Registered Nurse who
worked in the operating room of big city hospitals and in Ambulatory
Surgery Centers. Why should bad abortionists be free of lawsuits in the
civil courts for the damages they cause to women?
Why should those ngo's whose sole purpose is the premeditated slaughter
of innocents in the womb get legal protection from the US government?
It is sort of like when Hitler ordered the SS troops to protect the
gas ovens--it is that evil.
Medical doctors in any other speciality are subject to liability for
bad decisions. Why should abortionists who tout their so-called medical
license be exceptions? Why should they be exempt from civil lawsuits?
Why should they NOT have to screen their patients for medical risks since
every other medical doctor has to do that before operating on a patient?
Why are abortionists given a get out of jail free pass for their many
horrible deeds to women?
Nebraska, fight Planned Parenthood to the nth of your ability! Do
not back away from them because of their threats to sue you. Stay up
and be counted for the unborn/preborn humans! Be bold, be brave, be righteous!
Gloria Poole, RN, 7:27 PM, 18-Aug-2010; at my apt in Missouri;
PS I had to try to sign in to this blog of mine about 10 times. The cybercriminals
that work for planned parenthood in NYC tried to hack my computer and prevent me from logging into my acct.

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