Friday, June 27, 2014

Wahoo! Prolifers have FIRST Amendment liberties also. Thank u Sup Ct

Wahoo ! I am a HAPPY HAPPY woman today and praising GOD . All prolifers in the U S are celebrating the victory of yesterday. The U S Supreme Court voted unanimously in 9-0 vote that the so-called "buffer zone" around killing centers is unconstitutional, and they undid it! Well, hallelujah JESUS! GOD answers prayers. Maybe some of those babies whose names were put on a list to be slaughtered will be saved by some good-hearted, praying, Schindler. Here are some of the news snippets about this case at U S Supreme Court decided yesterday 26 June 2014, numbered for ease of reference. These were sent to my inbox to help publicize

1) "Supreme Court Puts the First Amendment Above Abortion Rights " is title of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

Contact: Kristina Garza, Director of Campus Outreach, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, 951-750-1114, " From:

2)from : with quote of Laurence Tribe: "In McCullen v. Coakley, the Court unanimously struck down a Massachusetts law setting a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics. While the buffer zone was enacted to ensure the safety of women seeking abortions, it also restricted the peaceful activities of the plaintiff, Eleanor McCullen, and other opponents of abortion, who sought to stand on the sidewalk and urge those women not to make what they see as a tremendous mistake."

3) Quote from Yahoo news on same subject:

"On a 9-0 vote, the court said the 2007 law violated freedom of speech rights under the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment by preventing anti-abortion activists from standing on the sidewalk and speaking to people entering the clinics." From:

4)"upon reflection, it isn't appreciably different from calling the effort to restore the right to life a "David and Goliath battle," or saying that our work is a "Herculean task." about the task of the Joshua camp for prolifers where they will get "justice for all" [abbrev JFA] training as quoted : "As JFA states in some of their training materials, their goal is to “train thousands to make abortion unthinkable for millions, ONE person at a time.” The idea is to equip pro-lifers to have meaningful conversations about abortion by giving them more effective dialoguing tools." [see] Quotes from article:

5)From : this quote: "Good news. At USA Today, Richard Wolf reports that the Supreme Court has struck down Massachusetts’ 35 foot abortuary buffer zone law that prevented pro-lifers from helping women who were going in to murder their babies. "

- See more at:

6)"Today's ruling is a great vindication of sidewalk counseling," declared Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League. "The justices in the majority recognize that our compassionate pro-life outreach to mothers outside abortion clinics deserves the protection of the First Amendment." From :

7)Quote: " the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Massachusetts law that requires buffer zones around entrances to reproductive health clinics"... "The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that First Amendment free speech rights were being violated under Massachusetts’s 2007 law that keeps protesters 35 feet away from abortion clinics." is from CBS news.

Of course, I always knew prolifers have first amendment liberties if they were born in U S or naturalized citizens. I studied the U S Constitution at the University of GA as an elective for business law.* But the first amendment took a beating from the relentless attack on it by that ungodly , evil killing group named "Planned Parenthood". That group is worst than Hitler's killing scheme because it preys on the tiniest, most innocent of all, i.e those in the womb. It should be illegal to kill the tiny humans in the womb, and one day it will be. Medical science has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that humans in the womb are HUMAN from human gamete cells of human sperm and human ovum, and that they are human because they are composed of human DNA and human chromosones and human cells.

For my part in the prolife battle of words< i apint art to influence women not to abort and men to celebrate when they father a child; and I write on blogs such as this one to educucate and re-educate the public on the issues. Some of the prolife blogs I create and own all rights too are: {It's all about ending abortion}

They are unique meaning each is different and I create them one by one at different times. For more about me, read and the about me page there and the about me page on this blog also or any of my blogs.

Also, because my first amendment liberties are attacked often [even today when cybercriminals at remote no doubt on the payroll of the murderers] tried to block my login to this account of mine] I am reminding all that I was born in the United States in the state of Georgia and therefore am a US citizen. I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, an artist in all mediums, a white, single again [divorced twice], Southern Baptist woman and the natural biological mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh. I am also a poet, a writer, a citizen journalist, an author and illustrator of a children's book online at and in print in one copy; and a prolife blogger and photgrapher.

* And graduated from there also, so I am a @UGA alum with a business degree from the University of Georgia at Athens, GA.

Gloria Poole, RN, artist / gloriapoole.RN / Gloria Poole / gloria-poole / gloria.poole /artist-gloriapoole / gloriapooleRN at yahoo / and other variations of my real. born with name of Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri, 27 June 2014 at 11:35am.