Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sen Ted Cruz calling for DoJ to investigate killing ngo Planned Parenthood for racketeering in human organs

As always these news snippets are from newsletters and emails sent to me [Gloria Poole,RN,artist ] to help publicize, and I am numbering them for reference.

1) The next civil rights battle is equal rights for the preborn :

"A new Facebook profile photo is beginning to spread on the Internet, especially among members of the rising millennial generation. It’s a picture of a baby within the womb. Superimposed on the baby is an equal sign.Equal rights for the unborn. Now there’s an idea whose time has come."

2) Sen Ted Cruz a former Dept of Justice lawyer, is calling on the DoJ to investigate Planned parenthood as a 'criminal entity" because of videos which showed P.P. officials haggling the price of human organs from aborted babies. I think that the RICO Act should be used against Planned Parenthood and all their abortionists and buyers of human organs. You can see some of those videos by visiting the urls provided in resources below.

3) "Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal boasted to anti-abortion activists Thursday that he leads the “most pro-life state” in the country, and sought to position himself as a warrior for conservative Christians.".."Jindal noted that he’s signed a bevy of abortion restrictions in his two terms, helping win Louisiana the ranking as the “most pro-life state for the last six years,” according to Americans United for Life."

4) "Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Scott Walker on Monday banned abortions in Wisconsin after 20 weeks of pregnancy...Wisconsin is the 14th state to pass a ban on abortions at no later than 20 weeks,.."

Read more:

And read more:

5) ""Rand Paul is taking action. As a pro-life doctor, Rand Paul cared for premature babies to save their sight. As a conservative leader, Rand is forcing the vote this week to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood," the narrator says in the spot."

6) Missouri legislators want AG to investigate abortuary:

7) One group in Canada is making huge difference : "you may find the graphic anti-abortion No2Trudeau postcard on your doorstep: 20,000 cards are being delivered in Ottawa." to protest abortion there.

8) Prolife resources :; pencil drawings I made of stages of human development

Prolife songs : "Love has come for you" sung by Edie Brickell and accompaniment on banjo by Steve Martin. To thank them for this, I painted a song illustrating another son of theirs entitled "remember me this way" and out the painting & a thank you on my,

9) Catholic List of videos of Dr Alveda King and Frank Pavone:

10) Black prolife democrat Rep Bill Patmon from Cleveland Ohio, introduces bill in Ohio to defund Planned Parenthood:


Anti-life activities :

A. of U S Congress:

1) anti-life Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for preventing things from getting even worse for Planned Parenthood:;

B. of killing organization Planned Parenthood:

1. Video of evil Planned Parenthood haggling of price for killed babies :

2. Planned Parenthood's black market for baby-in-womb body parts:

Quote about ANTI-LIFE killing organization Planned Parenthood :

"According to these numbers, the Planned Parenthood abortion business ended an average of 898 lives every single day — one abortion every 96 seconds."..."According to these numbers, the Planned Parenthood abortion business ended an average of 898 lives every single day — one abortion every 96 seconds." $528 million from the government, more than $127 million in excess revenue and more than $1.4 billion in net assets." Think about it, the United States Congress under orders of Obama gave a group that methodically kills the tiniest, most defenseless citizens of all and that is those in the womb, 528 MILLION dollars to kill U S citizens. Osama bin Ladin "only" killed about 3000 U S. citizens. Obama has killed MILLIONS with ObamaCare that pays abortionists and his publicity tours for the killing machine Planned Parenthood.

3. About ANTI-LIFE baby-shredding facilities named biotech; and fake research. NYTimes says vaccines are grown in cells of aborted babies YUCK--cannabalism! :
"The use of fetal tissue in research is not new. Fetal cells extracted from the lungs of two aborted fetuses from Europe in the 1960s are still being propagated in cell culture. They’re so successful that today we still use them to produce vaccines for hepatitis A, rubella, chickenpox and shingles."®ion=inside-nyt-region&WT.nav=inside-nyt-region&_r=0


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