Monday, September 7, 2015

War on Planned Parenthood heats up.

I am posting this photo I photographed of the oil painting I painted and named 'the midwife" here to clarify that I am the same woman who painted this and that I photographed the head and face of the midwife in painting and put it as my icon on my twitter account @ProlifeNurse. As always it has caused "controversy"and yet another cyber-attack on my cell phones and prolife efforts on the web. Also, I do have a current Registered Nurse license in Missouri and worked for 26+ years in hospitals as a Registered Nurse. I want to get that on the "record" publicly so that those who attack my computers and hack my cell phones know that there are laws about impersonating either a Registered Nurse or a Medical Doctor. When I include my R.N. status in anything, it immediately puts the force of law behind it, because the purpose of regulating either doctors or nurses is to prevent people being fooled by quacks, or pretend nurses. So, this oil painting stands as my public notice that this account and this blog belongs entirely to me Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, and artist, writer, author, blogger, photographer, publisher.

The news on the prolife/ personhood issues this week, numbered for reference :

1) Planned Parenthood is abhorrent. ..."in a video released by Bexar County Republicans, Straus struck a more strident tone as he promises to wage war against Planned Parenthood."

2) "GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio opposes abortion without exception. If elected, he vows to end abortions in all circumstances, including rape, incest and endangerment to the mother.

3) "I'm pro-life. It's as simple as that," Rubio says." per The Huffington Post on Aug 19th, 2015

4) "A congressional investigation into the harvest and sale of baby parts is needed and removal of federal support for Planned Parenthood is urged....A recent Alabama Department of Health inspection report of the Mobile Planned Parenthood location, part of Planned Parenthood Southeast, revealed startling details of unsanitary conditions and failure to report the possible sexual abuse of a 14-year-old young woman who received two abortions at the clinic within a space of four months"

5) "Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor famously wrote years ago that Roe v. Wade, the decision that infamously resulted in over 58 million deaths by abortion, was “on a collision course with itself.”

Today, the same can be said of Roe v. Wade’s greatest and most notorious profiteer, Planned Parenthood."... Commodification of the unborn child, of course, is not exclusive to Planned Parenthood. Over a year ago, it was revealed that the remains of babies aborted in Canada, and Great Britain were thrown into incinerators, some in the U.S., to generate heat for homes and hospitals. It epitomized the utilitarian view. Planned Parenthood has just found a more lucrative way to further exploit “products of conception.”.."The dilemma for Planned Parenthood, then, is that its policy of organ and tissue “donation” proves that what it calls “products of conception” are actually human babies." Sum-up :Planned Parenthood is Barbarianism.

Read article at:

6) "National Director of Created Equal Mark Harrington said because of the national controversy surrounding the recent undercover videos released by an anti-abortion group in California, people around the nation who are pro-life wanted to do something."...most Americans were outraged by those videos," Harrington said."

7) "Review several statements at the National Right to Life Convention last month: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal: “We can’t declare victory until every life, the unborn, as well as the elderly, the disabled; every human life is welcomed and celebrated in our country, in our culture.” Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush: “We need to protect innocent life in every aspect.” Texas Senator Ted Cruz: “There is no more precious, more fundamental right than the right to life.”)

8) [Fiorina] "is in favor of shutting down the government in order to defund Planned Parenthood. She is opposed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) [most likely as all prolife activists are since it pays for abortions with taxpayer money via fed subsidies to insurers].

9) "Anti-abortion activists protested in front of the Melville offices of [pro-deather] Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Monday, calling on the two Democrats to ban federal funding of the nonprofit women's health organization Planned Parenthood." This happened but it shows that NY is cranking up its protests against evil Planned Parenthood.

10) "I was your little baby"

11) Prolife news summary :

12) “NHRTL is bringing this case to the United States Supreme Court to allow public scrutiny of what may have been the unlawful funding of the nation's largest abortion provider and to make sure DHHS does not take such inappropriate actions again,” he said. Quote of Manchester Attorney Michael Tierney, representing NH Right to Life - See more at: See more at:

13) NO Christian should be democrat! "The Democratic Party shilling for barbarism — whether by politicians, liberal media outlets, union officials or unrestricted abortion advocates — is not likely to be viewed favorably by future generations. These Democrats will be remembered for demonizing the activists who lifted the veil on a previously sanitized process and for seeking restraining orders to silence truth tellers. They will be remembered for publishing dehumanizing decrees — as The New Republic did — that people stop criticizing Planned Parenthood because as a medical matter, “The term baby … doesn’t apply until birth” (that thing on your sonogram is nothing more than a “product of conception.”) And they will be remembered for demanding investigations into citizen journalists for meticulously exposing atrocities in our midst."

14) MP [Australia] Fred Nile is a good man. "Amongst Mr Nile’s proposals are laws criminalising the termination of a foetus with a detectable heartbeat, and provisions requiring women who are considering an abortion to view an ultrasound image of the foetus and undergo counseling."

15) What hypocrisy! Planned Parenthood puppets call the abortions they provide with 500 MIILION dollars from U S taxpayers as "private". That article tries to say that medical records are "private" when in fact the Obama administration is pushing all hospitals to put every person's medical record on the web. And HIPAA gives 75 federal agencies the right to get anyone's medical records.

The next paragraph/section is news PROLIFERS should know about the strategy of Planned Parenthood to protect their killing fields:

1) Victoria, Australia trying to set up "abortion zones" to curtail protests:

2) I imagine this was written as PR by evil Planned Parenthood:

Also, for the record: cyber-criminals who work for AT&T broke into my computer today TWICE so that it took me three logins and a reboot of everything to get this post completed. The cyber-criminals also tried to control my water spigots by using the so-called "internet of things' on the city grid of water supply . That evil GOD-forsaken Hillary and her hacker team will stop at nothing to win. BUT here's the thing: GOD is not impressed with her evil and she is so done, that she stinks to most of America. I know it was AT&T hackers on the payroll of Hillary because they blocked my messaging plan on one of my cell phones that I paid extra for, in their effort to prevent me from updating this blog. But they failed! GOD is good and GOD wins HIS battles and HE will defeat Planned Parenthood and is "facilitators" and killers totally. Mark my words.


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