Thursday, August 2, 2012

Well. Don't know what is going on??

I am logged into an account of mine, and I see that I have a profile page for it at: but when I click "view profile" to see how edits appear, it says no profile. I am alive and living in Missouri.I moved to Missouri Oct 31, 2009. I have updated this except for the photo of me in red sweater from 2008 is still there visible when logged in, whether visible to world, who knows? The photo of me wearing a dressy lady's hat [ I am a lady] is from Jan 2010 when I was in Georgia for my mother's funeral.

I KNOW for certain that there is a man in Denver Colorado who wants me dead, and who has vehemently tried to annihilate me during the years 2003-2011. But he has not succeeded, and I am still writing, and painting in oils, and doing sketches in acrylics, watercolors, inks; goauche,tempera.

Today when I logged to my gmail acct there were nearly 9000 emails there, so reasoned I had not logged in for some time. Maybe my fault? But I don't think so, because profile behaves in bizarre way.

Anyway, I have not abandoned this account or the gmail that goes with it.And I am trying to get control of all that goes with it. I do have a Registered Nurse license in Missouri, which is what the .RN stands for after my name.

Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt in Missouri; 6:11pm;2-Aug-2012