Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama broke into my Twitter accts to try censor me

This is my public protest. Today, when I tweeted from two of my twitter accts, I saw Barack Obama's mug shot in my list of "following" on two accounts of mine. That is not true. I never asked to follow him,or consented too. I object publicly to the President or anyone breaking into my accounts. So this is a public notice that the President of the US is a cyber-hacker, and dishonest.

Also. my main point I want to call your attention too. are the words I posted on another account of mine today at: That blog entry is about the situation in Tennessee that affects the entire nation i.e. the debate about whether abortionists have to meet the same standards as real medical doctors. I urge you to read my words there because they explain the debate. I am a Registered Nurse of many years ' duration w/ much career experience. I write often in that capacity. The entry for today on another blog of mine [] is written as a R.N. also.

< I despise Obama. I think history will reveal the full extent of his evil. How he and Holder supplied semi-automatic weapons to murderous drug dealers in Mexico;how he started political assassinations [not allowed by the true law of the U S]; how he laid a plan to depopulate and ruin the U S; how he authorized predator drones to fly across America beginning in the past week; how he breaks into private computers en masse to control/suppress/censor political and religious speech; how he represents the worst most egregious killing organization that ever existed and that is Planned Parenthood [a misnomer for certain since they kill tiny humans in wombs]; how he tramples the U S Constitution regularly to allow those he wants [enemies of the US] to cross the borders secretly and with impugnity; how he has siphoned trillions from Social Security to pay his abortionists leaque of murderers of innocents; how he indebted the United States into nearly 15 TRILLION of debt in 3 yrs time; how he has tried to take over control of citizens' money through his fake health care reform; and how he has taken over bankin, Wall St; automobiles; housing industries. Fifteen trillion is written 15,000,000,000,000,000. He is the worst President in U S history.

I care about all of that. I especially care than he is worst than Herod in the Bible, who decreed that all babies two years and under be killed by Roman soldiers [ read Bible]. Obama is attacking the human race in the womb!

Save the baby humans by voting against Obama in November. He is as bad as Hitler and his Nazi medicine to use Facebook to appoint some to death; to 'harvest" their vital organs while they are alive [per news about a week ago]; and to set up death panels to use drugs and withholding of appropriate medical care to hasten the deaths of some; and to use Medicare/caid money to pay abortionists to kill off citizens en masse; and to change focus of health care from providing life sustaining treatment to killing 'treatments'. Obama is evil. I believe. JESUS said 'by their fruits ye shall know them".

Please vote prolife. It matters. the continuity of the United States and the human race depends on enough people caring to vote out of office those who plan/ facilitate /carry out the murders of the coming generations who are the future.

< Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 16-June-2012; 11:33am