Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am alive contrary to desires of wicked

It was an interesting week. Because I wrote lots, and PAINTED three oil paintings. I tried to post one of my paintings on another blog of mine today but it was STOLEN from the camera TWICE before I could send it to my computer. So have to redo the photograph. I wrote on another blog of mine today at: on the issues that concern me. Summed up they are: the attacks worldwide on Christians by Muslims, the anarchy of the Union of the U S that has deteriorated into disunion because Mexico is trying to reclaim the border states of California, New Mexico,Arizona,Texas,Colorado. And of course, my on-going forever effort to end abortion which is the premeditated murder of an innocent human being in the womb of the mother. The coming election has become a so-called fight between communist Obama and social-liberal Romney. Neither one of those men will help the U S much because neither one of them is committed to ending abortion, which is ruining the nation. Romney SHOULD be prolife since he is Christian according to the doctrine of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which utilizes the King James Holy Bible. Maybe GOD can do something great with Romney--we as a nation can PRAY for that to happen. Obama has become more radical the longer he was in office. :Let me list the Obama so-called accomplishments: 1) implementing without authority since the President does not have Constitutional authority to write/create new laws, the so-called "right" of his administration to assassinate U S citizens without charging them with a crime, or trying them in a court of law, or finding them guilty as decided by a Jury, or allowing them appeals. In other words bypassing all the Constitutional protections of the amendments. 2) Obama & Holder armed murderous drug-dealing thugs with semi-automatic weapons and allowed them to cross the border to Mexico for safety from being caught. That was the "fast & furious gun-waking" fiasco.Then lied about it to Congress, passing the buck. What raised the flag in Congress was when a border agent named Brian Terry was shot & killed with one of the weapons. 3) Obama's so-called "reform" of health care reforms it into a killing plan to pay abortionists; and hospice killers [who use mega-doses of morphine, and too much potassium in IV's to do their killing]. 4) Obama suspended the 4th amendment that is to prevent illegal searches & seizures by the governments with his implementation of drones in the U S domestic on U S soil and airwaves to spy on citizens, photograph them and what?? gun them down? My guess is that is coming to America soon. Obama is a totalitarian government person, wanting to control all industry, all money, all professions, all citizens. He is hated as proved by his Secret Service in Cartagena, who all preferred doing it w/ prostitutes to providing security for him. 5) He has withdrawn massive amounts of money from Social Security for his slush fund, including buying votes of college age students promising them he would lower the interest on student loans. That is an empty bag promise basically. What the U S should do is forgive all student loan debts, cancel the student loan program, redeem its coming generations from indebted bondage. But to Obama who lies, cheats, steals,murders. Throwing an empty promise to get loyalty is his modus operandi. Among perverts [repeated to me often by a pervert] is a slogan "promise them everything, give them nothing].Obama is of that ilk. 6) His ObamaCare subsidizes abortion and frees up overhead expenses money for one of the most heinous organizations that ever existed in the history of civilization, and that is Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has killed MILLIONS of tiny, innocent, defenseless humans. They are abomination. 7) Obama has championed the cause of sodomy and perversion by forcing the military to tolerate immoral sodomite relationships amongst the troops. There is no way that is ever going to help the U S. Every civilization that did before, imploded--became as nothing. Study Greek history. It was conquering the world with Alexander until he defied God, and allowed his troops to have sodomy relationships, then all was lost. Greece is NOTHING now. It is clamoring for Europe to bail them again with billions which would last what?? A year or two?? The Greeks have a few islands, a lot of ouzo, a lot more loose women and men; and nothing going for them but tourism, and international aid money. they blew it! Alexander's sin as leader doomed them.The bible warns about that in several places. Read about Sodom & Gomorrha in the Old Testament.GOD has not changed. HE is not going to tolerate sodomy. Obama has to be defeated. He is destroying the U S according to Scripture. Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 29-April-2012; 2:59pm PS title is about the fact that Google alerted me to an obituary with my name on it. It wasn't me; and may not have been a real obituary but a fake one generated by criminals/cybercriminals trying to steal my accounts by pretending I died.