Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missouri is a great state!

I like living in Missouri a lot. It is very similar in landscape, trees, flowers & shrubs as Georgia. And I like the quiet peace and quiet of a little town. Or most of the time it is quiet.

I want to remind all Missouri voters that Todd Akin is a strong prolifer and that he is a co-sponsor of the personhood amendment. He is waaaaaaaay better for the U S and Missouri than Claire McCaskill,who has sponsored the premeditated killing of human embryoes for the sake of false research. The embryonic stem cell research has produced nothing but tumours. How could it be ever good, if you have to ingest/swallow medicine made from humans? YUCK! Cannibalism is gross.

Also, pay attention to the furor generated by those who kill about his statement of a situation which I suspect meant the insistent sex demands by a husband of his wife. A lot of people are uncomfortable with labeling that a "rape" since marriage vows give husbands the right to sex. I was a married woman twice. And divorced twice so I understand a whole lot of those issues.

Please remember to vote prolife this November. Romney & Ryan are about as prolife as possible until there is a nationwide change of heart on these matters. Already more than fifty percent of nation says they are prolife, so that is real progress.

Thank you for your time. I will update my photo some time. Every time I have added the photos I took to my computer, cybercriminals broke into it to steal my photos of my paintings, sketches, drawings and words/poems/essays/lessons as Registered Nurse. So I have postponed that until I want to tackle a major event of trying to use the photos I photographed of my art I created, or my genre photography on my blogs, from my cameras or my computers. Trying to prevent hackers into my systems takes more time than painting paintings!

Reminder that I moved from Colorado in Oct 2009 and would never move back there for any reason. Also, reminder that because I was a victim of domestic violence in Colorado, I am very cautious about posting contact information for me. My Registered Nurse license is in Missouri now. I also paint, sketch, draw, write but not as regularly as before injuries.

Gloria Poole,RN; @ my apt in Missouri; 26-Sept-2012 ; 5:13pm.