Sunday, June 5, 2011

Louisiana & Alabama Writing PROLIFE Legislation

Here is some good news that I read in the newspaper today. The states of Louisiana and Alabama are writing prolife legislation to define the personhood legal status of the humans in the womb. They know that jewish lawyer Jordan Goldberg and the anti-GOD ACLU are preparing to challenge the "right" of the state legislators to decide what laws their state will abide /live by. All you who believe in GOD PRAY that GOD defeats the ACLU and their evil client of Planned Parenthhod killing machinery.

It always shocks me when those jews whose infamous slogan is "never again" to a holocaust participate in the premeditated mass slaughter of innocents/genocide in the false name of 'rights'. IF any group should be prolife you would think it would be the jews who supposedly worship THE ONE GOD of the Bible { JESUS also said that there is ONE God in John 10:30,KJV}.

I am prolife and I am praying that Louisiana and Alabama legislators take on the ACLU and the jewish lawyers of it to defeat killing of innocents in the womb, as a so-called right. Alabama and Louisiana please be guided by the Scriptures and not by evil Planned Parenthood--the Klu Klux Klan of innocents in the womb. Defy evil, honor GOD.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 12:15pm;5-June-2011
PS Planned Parenthood regime put a 'spynet' on my computer, broke into my desktop, tried to prevent me from using my privately owned computers I own, and put a 'troll' on my little computer, and have hacked into my computers repeatedly for the past 7 years. When they are dispatched to hell by GOD, I will be grateful.

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