Sunday, May 29, 2011

South Dakota FIGHT Planned Parenthood to Supreme Ct

I read in the Fox News few minutes ago, that evil Planned Parenthood is maliciously using the court system AGAIN, to harass and intimidate prolifers, by filing a nuisance lawsuit to try to stop State legislators of South Dakota from representing their State. I am a Registered Nurse of 25 + years history in workplaces. I am telling you Planned Parenthood is a LIAR and they are evil. The news says their false claim is that women are inconvenienced by having to wait 3 days to kill their offspring, and that they are 'inconvenienced" when prolifers try to persaude them not to kill the tiniest most innocent in the womb. The truth is often inconvenient as any honest person knows by the time they get about 13 yrs old. JESUS said 'ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" in book of John in Holy Bible [i. e. free of your own self deceit and of others' also].
Let me tell you what I absolutely KNOW as an Registered Nurse who worked in operating rooms and med-surg units for about 25yrs. There is no other surgery of an elective nature in the US or any nation that is scheduled in any where near 3 days time. And the risk of an abortion are:
dying from bleeding to death;
dying from anesthesia;
having ruptured uterus and or colon;
septicemia [infected blood] ;
infections in uterus;
sterilization so you could never have children;
psychosis, depression, and suicidal thoughts;
brain damage from hypoxia if not enough oxygen during anesthesia ;
clostridium difficile gangrene of uterus;
Need I go on?
It is not life-enhancing in any way--it is killing!
It is evil and it is a sin against God.
South Dakota, fight Planned Parenthood all the way to the Supreme Court and please summon me to testify on behalf of the innocents-in-womb and to tell what I taught patients in an Ambulatory Surgery center as an RN working in the O.R., before surgery of the risks of any surgery; and to include the risks of abortion. And summon prolife REAL medical doctors too to tell what they know about abortion. Do not let evil win! Abortionists are not real doctors generally speaking but PA's or RN's gone bad.
Planned Parenthood has to be defeated legally and start with this case.
Gloria Poole,RN; licensed in Missouri; 11:31am;29-May-2011;in Missouri

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