Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't accept IUD

There is always prolife activity. The fact that the mainstream news blacks it out, does not mean it does not exist. Remember that the so-called 'mainstream news" is not Main Street news at all. The "mainstream " TV news and newspapers are very much in support of socialism, government as [false] god, and atheism and therefore are not in tune with the majority of America.
Now, my point is that it is a duty of every good American to be prolife . For the reasons, read, and Of course the main reason is so that America continues and does not depopulate by following the political agenda of the baby-killing-establishment of Obama-Clinton-Planned-Parenthood to kill all the unborn/preborn.
In keeping with the prolife goals, citizens have to have a spirit of discernment. You have to know what questions to ask, and you have to have a backbone of steel to accomplish anything in the political environment of the shadow government run by Planned Parenthood in Washington DC and halls of Congress, and almost every courtroom in America where non-Constitution reading Judges preside.
To begin with, know these facts. The AMA is now pushing the IUD [intraterine device] that is a physical something, usually a wire wrapped with plastic, or plastic coil, or string-like worm-like thing implanted in a woman's uterus. Women: do not let a so-called medical provider put that thing in you. It has a tendency to embed in the walls of your uterus, and cause infections, and that is it's purpose i.e to create a slight infection to make your womb [uterus] hostile to a man's sperm. And if by some miracle a sperm penetrates your egg, it causes the womb to eject it [abort it] . It is awful . And you know, it would NEVER happen to a man's body. There is NO real man on this earth who would allow any such thing to be inserted into his testicles! And it is a very sexist tool of the devil, I think.
And do not take the mini-pill, low dose hormone pill because it also causes abortions. Don't take contraceptives. Accept the children GOD gives to you in accordance with Genesis 1:27-28., KJV. Don't be sexually active before marriage. Don't cheat on your husbands, and men you don't cheat either. Have a holy attitude about your reproductive parts instead of contaminating them with every person who comes along.
Also, I am Republican--no secret there. I am also Christian, also no secret as I have it in bold letters on my name site [] . I believe that each person will give an account of his or her life before THE ALMIGHTY GOD on GOD's Judgement Day. What will you answer GOD when HE asks you why you ignored HIS laws and Commandments to accept the devil's? { It is the devil who hates GOD and who hates the Words/Commandements of GOD.]
One more thing: the prolife news said Mitt Romney refused to sign the Susan B Anthony prolife pledge, indicating he waffles on his faith [the LDS church is prolife] and that he waffles on being prolife. Don't vote for wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed candidates who would sacrifice the unborn/preborn to get elected. Kick Obama out of office. He is worst than Herod of the Bible; and he is in the pocket of Planned Parenthood totally.
Gloria Poole, RN [current license in Missouri]; 10:01am;22-June-2011; in Missouri @ my apt. Update: I had to login back in to edit because there was an attack against my computer, probably from the Obama PR campaign who attacks computers of those who oppose Obama. Also read twitter acct @tweetie0817 .

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