Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bachmann's right: sodomy is harmful to health

I read some of morning news and want to rebut some of it. There is an article belittling Michelle Bachmann for signing a pledge that states along with other principles that homosexuality is harmful.As a Registered Nurse with much work
history including Peer Review of Medical records and outcomes, I am telling you that
Mrs Bachmann is right. Sodomy is an extremely dangerous lifestyle. In fact, I think it is more dangerous than smoking and or drinking alcohol.Because it leads to tears in anus, which introduces bacteria from rectum into the blood stream. That is one reason, and the other biggest risk is AIDS with imminent death.The psychotic breakdown that occurs in those individuals and their propensity to evil is written about in Romans chapter one of the King James Holy Bible.So, if you want to live long and healthy avoid sodomy like the bubonic plaque.
Also, there is another article on the front page of the NY Times today that glorifies the evil of abortion by giving free publicity to aggrandize the killing of innocents in the womb. It is no surprise. The NY Times is the PAC for the democrats in disguise as a newspaper. The entire platform of the dems is attemtping to legalize and pay for with taxpayers' money the grievous and heinous sin of abortion.
The article is about Wichita and the bad medical doctor who wants the Planned Parenthood millions to kill. Does a person who kills with premeditation deserve the prestigious [or once prestigious] title of 'medical doctor"? I say no, they do not.Shame on you NYT for promoting evil. I bet you could get lots of ad money and paid op-ed opportunities from Al Quaeda and Iran too. Why stop your killing promotion at the Planned Parenthhood killing centers? Why not go whole hog and feed on the million dollar ads from Al-Quaeda and Iran too? Their intentions are only to kill those perceived to be wicked, not the innocent tiny humans in the womb. Why split hairs on your kickbacks and bribes in form of paid op-ed disguised as 'news'?
NY Times you are worst than news of The world--your journalists are all on the payroll of Planned Parenthood and or Center for Reproductive killing, and you know it; and so does everyone else.
Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt in Missouri;10:57am;10/July/2011

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