Monday, February 21, 2011

Prolifers deserve fair trials--same civil liberties 4 all

I read an article in the msNBC news this am about the trial of Blagojevich. I have always believed he was brought to trial for 2 reasons:
1) he is prolife and said so when he was Governor incensing the prodeathers who run Chicago [including evil Obama]; and
2) he knew a whole lot about how Obama "won" the election [but Obama didn't--won by manipulating banks' info,[ bank accounts of Republicans who oppose him publicly], and by manipulating computers; remember how he recently made efforts to get Facebook & Google & Apple info on potentials to be manipulated?].
IF he tried to sell the Senate seat why did it not prevent the person he supposedly sold it too [Roland Burris] from occupying it [answer: because Burris was hand-picked by Obama? And IF he is guilty he should be punished accordingly for election fraud but so should Obama and Burris and probably Rahm Emanuel also--all part of the crooks that run Chicago.
Now here's the thing I am wanting to alert prolifers and the nation too:
In the msNBC article today about Blagojevich, it made two very important, in fact critical points to justice. It revealed that the evidence is secretive when it wrote that it is 'sealed' away from journalists, and even from the defense attorney. The US Constitution does not allow secretive trials for the protection of all and to keep Judges honest. And the Amendments do allow any accused of any crime to make a defense, and to 'discover' what evidence the prosecutors have against and to write/speak in Court their version of the events. We, as a nation, do not have kangaroo courts in America like in Middle East though Muslim Obama is trending toward them.
And the other critical point the msNBC article made is that the wiretaps that are the entire evidence against Blagojevich have huge gaps [4 minutes in some places] of recording time BLANK. That show that the content was erased, tampered with, or the recorder was turned off when any statement was made that would supply the context of conversations or help Blagojevich, or indict Obama or H Clinton [so intertwined with Obamas as to be one and the same when it comes to violations of Americans' civil liberties]. They are supposed to submit the entire conversation to the jury not cut and snip to rig the trial.
Prolifers have the same civil liberties as those who kill or bribe, or use violence, or kill human babies in womb. The evil/gross/abominable Planned Parenthood tried when B Clinton was the marionette puppet for Planned Parenthood to create a Nazi-like jack-booted-thugs-defending-their-slaughterhouses-public-law to take away the civil liberties of those who oppose premeditated murdering of innocents in the womb. I know of what I write first-hand experience. I am wiretapped without cause,spied on,was defrauded routinely when lived in Colorado [Colorado is one of the worst states in the nation and suck up to the teat of Planned Parenthood coffers usually], and got no due process when then-husband tried several times to kill me.*
My points are:
1) Blagojevich should get a fair trial according to the written Constitution and Amendments [civil liberties] and NOT according to the fake version written by killing organizations that sell the flesh, blood and tissues of the tiniest humans to the fake research labs [Planned Parenthood];
2) He was deliberately tried in the court of public opinion in Chicago in an effort to shield Obama from the nuclear fall-out of hand-picking Burris; and his defense lawyers should move the trial venue out of Illinois to a state not controlled by either democrats or prodeathers. It is a federal trial so any Federal Judge could hear it. How about moving it to Arizona where there was no effort to save the gunned down federal judge who died @ Tucson, and where federal judges are not so gung ho on a dictator/President; or bought by Chicago politics?
3) Tampered with evidence casts a pall of disbelief on prosecutors, sort of like 'lost " evidence or destroyed evidence does. It has to be scrutinized more closely.
And for the record, I do not think there has been an honest politician in Chicago in the past 150 years, so put them all on trial, for rigging elections and violating RICO Act about rigged elections and trafficking in human blood.
*footnote: divorced from that evil violent murderous man now, and thank GOD for that mercy.
Gloria Poole,RN;@my apt in Missouri;21-Feb-2011;9:59am

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