Thursday, February 10, 2011

Civil War over abortion coming to U S

In the Yahoo News this am is an AP article entitled 'Abortion Wars in Congress" and I think that sums up the article well. I have believed for years that it will take an all-out war to end abortion because the evil of it is entrenched in Congress probably because of the mega-bucks of the kickbacks from abortuaries to the democratic killing party and the US Supreme Court. There is a scripture that says 'the love of money is the root of all evil" and therefore, I reasoned long ago that it is the love of money by greedy filthy-rich democrats like Obama and Clintons and Pelosi's and Boxers of California that have long driven the abortion train in America.
Unfortunately, democratic voters tend to be poor, black and uneducated [in medical knowledge and other sciences] and they vote democratic because the unions and black churches tell them the democrats will give them big hand-outs for voting for them. The disconnect between the elite democrats in high places who are very wicked from the Bible viewpoint, and the poor ignorant of medical facts democratic voters is an abyss that leads to hell. Remember you individually cannot defy GOD HIMSELF. You might try but on HIS final JUDGEMENT DAY, you will bow before HIS throne and you will know without a doubt that GOD wins and HE alone has the power to cast your very soul into hell. Defy evil but do not defy the commandments of GOD which includes the 'thou shalt not kill" as written in Exodus
As to the article it makes the point which prolifers have known for decades --that is that the US House of Representatives tends to be closer to the peoples' beliefs [because turnover is frequent, every 2 yrs] than the Senate. Also, the House is more likely to be in favor of the US continuing with the nation repopulating itself; whereas the Senate is long time entrenched evil by abuse of franking privileges and power not delegated to them by Constitution but usurped --think of Harry Reid of Nevada and Nancy Pelosi of Calif,and Barbara Boxer of Calif as starters. The Senate is only interested in maintaining their careers not what is good for America. The Senate wants to cause more abortions,more dead American citizens because it lines their pockets with money. The US House wants to stop abortions and begin with stopping the federal funding of them in any fashion whether with taxpayer dollars, subsidies, tax credits, and any and all sleight-of-hand-financing-tricks well known to democrats. Sort of like the Clintons and Obama getting major funding from Planned Parenthood and not disclosing it and crooked financiers from Chicago backing Obama in exchange for power & influence. The war happened in the US population probably a year ago and is now catching up in Congress. I think the 29 states suing Obama-lack-of-real-health-plan-but-promote-abortion-plan will probably have to succeed from the UNION to stop the depopulation of their states by the federal-killing-machinery-of-Obama-Clinton-Pelosi. And that will lead to a real war on the issue of state's rights.
The Senate needs a complete turnover. Do not vote for any incumbent in the Senate except those who are prolife and trying to protect the innocents in the womb. Kick out of office these: Harry Reid of Nevada,Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Charles Schumer,John Lewis, the Senators from Maryland,the Senators from Connecticutt, the Senators from Pennsylvania and from NY and from California to begin with. They are the most radical prodeathers and the most ignorant of true health care that gives life.
Gloria Poole,RN;9:09am;10/Feb/2011;at my apt in Missouri

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