Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Proabortion extremists murdered 100 MILLION innocents

I read an article in Google News from 'Mother Earth ' news that South Dakota is doing something definitive to help unborn/preborn children AND to restore father's rights all in one fell swoop. YEA! South Dakota get it done.

Make it legal for a man to kill another man[abortionist] or a woman [ abortionist] who harms his offspring in the womb or delivered from it. Give men the legal clout to stand up & be counted for their offspring !

Remember that the KNOWN abortions since that infamous usurpation of power by the Supreme Court is greater than 50 million but also remember that the states with the mosr abortions [California and NY] do not require reporting abortion and keep in mind that the US government through coding for payments from Medicaid and Medicare long ago put a spin on the word so abortion is seldom used in medical terminology. That is to fool the conscientous nurses who would not help with an abortion, and help assuage doctors' conscience by labeling it some other term. But of course the real reason is to get government funding for it for the poor [the usual excuse of the proaborts and killers]. The usual medical terms are 'termination" or 'reduction" or 'cleaning up after a ..." or a plethora of terms including 'delivery of non-viable " or blah,blah,blah. Those who kill have a huge variety of weasel words to try to conceal that from others. So if you know that there were 50 MILLION --closer to 60 MILLION --known abortions in the states that do require reporting of them but for 40 yrs many of largest states did not report them, then a conservative figure of 100 MILLION dead U S citizens by those licensed by the states to kill, is about the accurate numbers. Guttmacher, an arm of Planned Parenthood, downplays the numbers for two reasons: they don't want to alarm the nation, and they want to get more money from evil corporations that support killing like moveon.

YEA, it's time men took up arms o protect their offspring. Get it done South Dakota--drive every abortionist out of your state by declaring open season on them the same as if an intruder broke into your house with intent to harm. Breaking into a womb to kill your tiniest family member is just as evil --worst in fact. Yea, let the men there fight back and save the tiny humans .
Gloria Poole,RN;7:42pm;15/Feb/2011;@my apt in Missouri

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