Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's a Start in the right direction, Missouri; Thanks!

The Missouri Legislature at Jefferson City is debating new protections for the unborn/preborn humans. It is already Missouri law that a woman has to wait 24 hrs before an abortion,but a better time frame would be NEVER having an abortion. But it is a start in the right direction for Missouri to require that women contemplating abortion be shown their baby in the womb via ultrasound and have an educated person discuss the development of the human being in the womb.
I believe that the only way the evil of abortion ever gained a foothold in the US was via ignorance of medical facts, by removing science and anatomy as high school mandatory subjects, and restricting those at college level to those who want to become medical doctors. Ignorance is the engine that drives abortion. Therefore being 'armed' with the medical facts of human development in the womb, will help save many human lives of the tiniest most defenseless and those are in the womb. I read an article in the Columbia Tribune, that is about this news of the new requirements for ultrasound and development factual knowledge being given to women with time to think it over and pray about it,before committing a grievous heinous sin against GOD and humanity via abortion. Here is the quote from that article:
"The [Missouri] legislation would require that the consultation occur in person
instead of over the phone and that women be given details about fetal
development. Abortion providers also would have
to give women a chance to see an ultrasound and listen to a heartbeat."
Article at:
5:41 PM 5/5/2010/
Also see for medical facts of human development; and also and read each and look at photos of tiny newborn baby there. And also read my poem " A Tune and A Tear' about the evil of abortion. And also see the medical photos of humans as they look in the amniotic sac at
And also read these sites for more medical knowledge including one of the worst risks of elective abortions: Article about Clostridium Difficile at:
and this article about simple ways to better health and for free-no costs to you:
Optimum Health is Achievable by Gloria Poole RN
11:06 PM 3/19/2010

My profile for news for life at:
And my sketches of certain stages of human development in the womb and also the medical article of how an embryo becomes a fetus at: [entries for 20-March-2010 and 2/10/2010 in particular]

Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; 5:52 Pm, 5-May-2010

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