Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GOOD news for unborn/preborn humans in Oklahoma!

Here is the best news of the year to date:
Oklahoma Legislature overrode the Governor's veto to pass two incredibly wonderful pieces of legislation to help protect innocent human beings in the womb.
One of the new laws requires ultrasound for any pregnant woman considering abortion and also requires that the monitor screen connected to the Doppler be set facing the woman so she could see the baby in utero as the ultrasound is done, and requires that the technician doing the ultrasound describe the baby --heart, legs, toes, fingers, head, brain etc to the woman. That certainly will be the most powerful incentive to carry the pregnancy to term and not abort a living human being.
The second piece of legislation gives legal protections to Medical Doctors who decide not to inform the woman of any risks that her baby might be less than perfect, in their decision that Medical Doctors in Oklahoma not promote abortion as an option.
I think these are great efforts to end the premeditated slaughter of innocents in the womb and I applaud Oklahoma Legislature for making these law regardless of the Governor's effort to tamp them down.
Human life is sacred and must be protected by the governments or what is a government for, if not to protect the tiniest,most innocent from the brutal slayers?
Oklahoma is considering two other pieces of legislation to protect innocents /help them survive their temporary dwelling in the womb.
And thanks to the NY Times for publishing this article with more of a perspective toward human life, instead of the way they always portrayed prolifers in the past. It is a subtle change to most folks but to prolifers it is an enormous change in their approach to human life.
Read the article at:
Gloria Poole; 6:05 AM, 28-April-2010; at home in Missouri.

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