Thursday, May 20, 2010

Humans are Persons and persons have right to life

Quote from article in the Yahoo news in a Christian Science Monitor article
written by Nathan Tucker,* today:
"Faced with this reality, the court must now choose the due process
clause’s primary guarantee of life over its secondary understanding
of abortion and thereby hold that all abortions, with one exception, are unconstitutional."
and this quote:
"Under the 14th Amendment, the federal government would have the power
to enforce this constitutional ban on abortion,
including deciding who and how to punish."
Of course this is about ending abortion as a fake right. There is no such right as the right to kill your offspring. There was a massive propaganda billion dollar campaign to hoodwink America and the world when the wicked discovered that they could make mega bucks from the blood, tissues, cells and brains, kidneys, gonads of the massacred unborn/preborn humans. That propaganda outdid Hitler's homespun version because it had the force of the US government behind it, and mandated, as Hitler had mandated training in socialism and massacre to the youth of Germany,the training into socialism and mass massacres of those in the womb to the youth of the world, as the 'solution' to all of the world's problems. The public schools were hijacked and their goals became not the teaching of reading, writing,science, and math skills but the teaching of socialism and redistribution of assets, and planned annihilation of the human race. The mantra of save the whales became the theme for the world as the focus shifted away from preserving human life in the 1960's to preserving the right to kill for money and status.

The US Supreme Court never had the lawful authority to create new laws. Never. They usurped on several occasions, during the slavery debates and during the debates of when humans become persons @ law.
It is medical fact that only humans are persons. A person is defined in the dictionary as having a personality, a human body, or a bodily appearance, as different from animals. Babies in the womb have personalities. They kick violently against the uterine wall when their mama is squashing them with her physical position. It is their way of saying, 'hey, stop that, you're squashing me'. It is roughly similar to the way a man when married elbows his wife and says "move over, you're rolling under me". { I was a wife for several years, though divorced x 2 now. }
And it is medical fact that only humans reproduce humans. When a human man and a human woman come together in the sex act, and the human egg in the woman is fertilized with the human sperm, a HUMAN is created. Humans cannot create eggplants, or tomatoes, or cats or dogs.
It is not as they say rocket science any longer. The only reason the US Supreme Court has refused to rule in favor of the unborn/preborn is that they probably get a whole lot of money, kickbacks and dividends from the organizations that kill and that pay big bucks to elect those who kill to sit on the Supreme Court. Kagan is not prolife. To pack the court with those who believe killing is a 'right' is ruining this nation. And I am beginning to think that heinous sin will be abrogated when [assuming the Bible to be true that those who take up the sword, die by it] the US Supreme Court is taken down by Al-Quaida or some similar group that hates anarchists and or usurpation of GOD's authority.

If the US Supreme Court takes FACTS into consideration then they must rule that humans are persons and persons already have the right to life in the U S Constitution and the 14th Amendment. And they will have to rule that there is no such right as the right to abortion. IF they don't take facts into consideration, what does the nation need them for--to rubberstamp the plans of the mega-killing agency known euphemistically as planned parenthood that does not plan for anyone to ever be a mother?

Footnote, Yahoo says Mr Tucker is an attorney and that he wrote the
book "We The People: the only cure to judicial activism."
Gloria Poole,RN, at my home in Missouri; 10:35 AM, 20_May-2010

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