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Prolife goals are morphing to ban abortions, written by Gloria Poole,RN, artist of / in Missouri since 2009; Update

As usual, I, Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, am putting snippets of prolife news, quotes and issues that affect #prolife and #personhood activists. I am numbering for reference:

1)"An Alabama Senate committee approved a bill Wednesday that would ban abortion clinics within 2,000 feet of public schools, legislation that could force at least one clinic to close or move if it becomes law. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted 6-1 in favor of the bill after a public hearing.

The bill, which would affect at least one of the state's five abortion clinics, would prohibit the Alabama Department of Public Health from giving new or renewed licenses to abortion clinics located within 2,000 feet of K-12 schools.";

2) "Litigation works wonders. Boise State University has dumped a policy that required student organizations “to post warning signs on campus for events school officials deem ‘controversial'” and limited their distribution of literature on campus, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom, which filed suit last year against the policy."

3) "We encourage people to stop and hold our life-like fetal models of babies at 12, 20, 26, and 30 weeks. When people hold them, they usually are surprised to hear that they look and weigh about what a baby would at that stage of development."

4) "In 37 consecutive polls performed throughout the past 21 years on the issue of abortion, Gallup has found that a majority of Americans surveyed say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases."

5) "Madison Wisconsin: —"Doctors, lawmakers and others bickered Tuesday over whether fetuses can feel pain 20 weeks after fertilization as Republican legislators put new abortion restrictions on a fast track. The bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks is set to get a committee vote Thursday and could be on the floor of the Senate by next week, said Senate President Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin)."

6) Prolifers chalking prolife messages on sidewalks at festival :

7) "An anti-abortion group is taking legal action after labelling Family Planning's abortion licence at its Tauranga clinic as “unlawful”. Right to Life is taking its legal fight against the Abortion Supervisory Committee to the High Court in Wellington, backed by a call for the licence to be revoked." From Sun live news in NZ.

8) Faye Smiths' 4 min video song is very compelling of the reality of the heartbreak abortion causes mothers, grandparents, husbands, fathers;

9) " [Greg] Gianforte contributed heavily to Republican candidates in the 2014 elections and has also invested his wealth in grants through the Gianforte Family Foundation, which have bolstered the arts as well as anti-abortion initiatives, and has been a major contributor to the conservative Montana Family Foundation, which his wife, Susan Gianforte, chairs."

10) "The measure that made it out of both chambers this year is House Bill 3994, which tightens the requirements on “judicial bypass,” the legal process that allows minors to obtain court approval for an abortion if asking their parents for permission could endanger them. That measure, heralded as a huge win by abortion opponents, is headed to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk. " From

11) Medical references to educate yourself on issues of life in womb, compiled by me Gloria Poole, RN:

Medical textbooks:
1) Early Pregnancy
2) Fetal Therapy
by Mark Kilby,Anthony Johnson,Dick Oepkes
3) Obstetrics & Intrapartum Emergencies
by Edward Chandrahara,& Sabaratnam Arulkumaran
4) Analgesia,Anesthesia & Pregnancy
by Steve Yentis & Surbhi Malhotra
5) Pregnancy after Assisted Reproductive Technology
by Eric Jauniaux & Botros Rizk
6) Atlas of Oocytes, Zygotes & Embryoes in Reproductive Medicine
 by Marc Van den Bergh & Thomas Ebner, & Kay Elder
7) Infertility Counseling
by Sharon Covington & Linda Hammer Burns
8) Ectopic Pregnancy
by Isabel Stabile
9) Gametes
by J.G. Grudzinskas & J.L. Yovich
10) GenEthics
by Kurt Bayertz & Susan L Kirkby, & H Tristam Englehardt,Jr
11) Prenatal Care
by Marie McCormick & Joanne Siegel
12) Ethical issues in Maternal -Fetal Medicine
by Donna Dickenson
13) Preterm Labour
by Jane Norman & Ian Greer
14) The Fetal Matrix
by Peter Gluckman & Mark Hanson
15) Environmental impacts on Reproductive Health & Fertility
by Tracey Woodruff, Sarah Janssen,Louis Guillette,Jr, & Linda Giudice
16) Biology & Pathology of the Oocyte
by Alan O Trounson & Roger G Gosden
17) Biology & Pathology of the Trophoblast
byAshley Moffett, Charlie  Lake & Anne McLaren
18) The Sperm Cell
by Christopher J De Jonge & Christopher Bartlett
19) Infertility & Assisted Reproduction
by R Botros, m B Rizk, Juan Garcia_-Velasco,Hassan Sallam & Antonis Makrigiannakis
20) The Healthy Embryo
by Jeff Nisker, Francoise Baylis, Isabel Karpin,Carolyn McLeod, Roxanne Mykitiuk
21) Gametes--The Oocyte
by J. G. Grudzinskas & J.L. Yovich
22) Textbook of Clinical Embryology
by Kevin Cpward & Dagan Wells
23) Handbook of Human Oocyte Cryopreservation
by Eleonora Porcu & Patrizia Ciottis, & Stefano Venturoli
24) Neonatalogy
by Richard A Polin & John M Lorenz
25) Handbook of Obstetric Medicine
by Catherine nelson-Piercy
26) High Risk Pregnancy--Management Options
by Phillip J Steer, Carl Weiner, Bernard Gonik, Caroline Crowther, & Stephanie Robson
27) Dewhurst's Textbook of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
by Keith Edmunds
plus many,many more.

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