Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life Begins at Conception Act to be introduced tomorrow in Congress

As always these news snippets were sent to my inboxes to help publicize. I, Gloria Poole,RN,artist, am posting them here for easy reference, and numbering them for same reason. :

1) "Mooney will introduce the ‘Life at Conception Act,' which would protect unborn children from their earliest stage of life."And " The ‘Life at Conception Act' would implement protection for the right to life of each born and preborn human person, according to the bill’s text. It cites the 14th Amendment as the means for protection. "

2) Missouri "House Bill 124 is designed to dissuade women from choosing to end a pregnancy. The video would include information about alleged abortion risks — “including, but not limited to, infection, hemorrhage, cervical tear or uterine perforation, harm to subsequent pregnancies or the ability to carry a subsequent child to term, and possible adverse psychological effects” — as well as alternatives to abortion." And, "if a pregnant person wants to have an abortion in Missouri, they have to attend an in-person counseling session that includes similar information about abortion risks. Then, they have to wait a full 72 hours before they can return to the state’s only abortion clinic to have the procedure performed."

3 Oklahome increases waiting time for abortion to give women time to change their minds: with quote: "A bill to further restrict abortion in Oklahoma and another to make embryonic stem cell research illegal both cleared a House committee on Wednesday..."and also :"One bill would increase from 24 to 72 hours the amount of time a woman must wait before receiving an abortion after receiving certain information about the procedure, including the age of the fetus, risks involved and that ultrasound and heart tone monitoring are available."..."The other bill would make it a felony crime to perform embryonic stem cell research in Oklahoma"..."House author Rep. Dan Fisher, R-El Reno, said he believes the destruction of human embryos equates to the taking of a human life and should be illegal."

5) "West Virginia — State lawmakers are again pushing an abortion ban after 20 weeks gestation in West Virginia" and "The Legislature is now Republican-controlled."

6) Montana keeps informed consent for abortion: " Montana Supreme Court overturned the lower-court’s decision citing an error in Judge Sherlock’s ruling" and agreed parents should have parental rights .

"In a press release, the Montana Family Foundation issued a statement that read, “Montana families have the right to make decisions in their own home. This decision recognizes that. Teenagers can’t have their ears pierced, play high school sports, or have any other surgery without parental consent. A major medical procedure like an abortion should be subject to exactly the same laws. That’s why the Montana Family Foundation supported these laws through the Legislative process, and that’s why we worked to support the ballot referendum. It’s just common sense that underage children should have their parents’ consent before someone operates on them.”

7) Idaho tightens the rules about chemical abortions: "it would require a physician to conduct a physical examination to determine if a woman is fewer than 49 days into her pregnancy, confirm the baby is in the uterus instead of the fallopian tube — known as an ectopic pregnancy — and requires a physician to schedule a follow-up examination to ensure there are no remains left in the uterus."

8) Presidential contender Scott Walker "The good news for the pro-life movement is Governor Scott Walker is not only pro-life but has a lengthy pro-life record he can tout on the campaign trail."

9) Tim Tebow's prolife superbowl ad years ago saved human baby:

10) Prolife:

11) Quote: "pro-life activists filed suit against the City of San Antonio and Planned Parenthood South Texas and obtained a temporary restraining order against the City that prevents them from issuing the permits that could allow the abortion clinic to open. (Franco v. Sanchez, et al, Case number 2015CI00039)" from

12) anti-life news to counteract: "Ms. Gallagher said that permitting assisted suicide would undermine the physician’s role as a healer, and could eventually be used as the most financially expedient option. “It forever changes the patient-physician relationship,” she said." [about attempts by prodeathers to write new law in NY to allow killing of the sick by medical doctors=Nazi so-called medicine]; 4 Feb 2015

13) anti-life news to counteract: "It’s a tough task, given the fact that the nation’s largest abortion operation, Planned Parenthood, served on his transition team.In addition, the man he nominated for Secretary of State, Pedro Cortes, has been sharply criticized for his failure to put abortionist Kermit Gosnell out of business when he had a chance.


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