Monday, March 10, 2014

What intelligent person watches SNL? And Prolife News

What intelligent person even watches Saturday Night Live? Who cares what they do? They are a pathetic bunch of so-called "comedy" of waaay left socialists. Don't waste your time or energy watching them skewer republicans, or prolifers, or Christians. They get paid by the ngos that promote socialism which by definition is the government control of all industries and all businesses and all wealth and all citizens. They memorize the scripts handed to them by the Obama socialize-US-plan. I was sent an article about how SNL "skewered" a man for being prolife and an activist. When the bulk of America stops watching that worthless TV show, the Nielsen ratings will fall, and the sponsors will quit it and it's prodeath "humour" at expense of prolife Christians will end.

10-March-2014 Prolife news and events summary from newsletters sent to my inbox to help publicize:

Abortion fake "clinics" are closing all around the country because of new laws requiring that they meet medical standards of care of ambulatory surgery centers. The "back alley killing centers' are closing . Praise GOD for that! Because babies lives will be saved and so will women's lives and their uteruses. Read article:

Quote from : "Arizona

Abortion facilities will no longer receive advance notice of state inspections, if the governor signs a proposed law. The state House of Representatives passed the measure, allowing unannounced health inspections of abortion facilities, by a vote of 34-22.


A woman tricked into ingesting an abortion-inducing drug that killed her child wants legislators to make sure that never happens to another woman. Remee Jo Lee testified that, unless lawmakers pass a new statute, Florida will have no state ordinance punishing offenders who harm women the way her boyfriend hurt her, physically and emotionally. "I'm still here but a big part of me is missing," Lee told the House Judicial Committee. "I miss my baby every single day." The committee passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act 13-3 on Monday. It would allow prosecutors the discretion to try a criminal for a separate murder if he kills an unborn child, even if he did not know the woman was pregnant.

As that bill moves forward, another has stalled. Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, introduced a bill to restrict abortion if a child was found to be viable. The Health Policy Committee has placed a “temporary postponement” on the measure, reportedly at his request. The measure could be brought up again in the future or tabled. Presently, it is considered indefinitely on hold.


The Oklahoma House passed a bill requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their office, by a vote of 73-9. Similar measures have closed nine abortion facilities in neighboring Texas, as well as other states where admitting privileges were allowed to be enacted. The Senate must now pass the bill.

West Virginia

Abortion restrictions inched closer to acceptance in the Mountaineer State, as the state Senate Health and Human Resources Committee approved a ban on abortions at 20 weeks. Delegate Joe Ellington, a pro-life OB/GYN and Republican, said the bill actually goes into effect 20 weeks from conception, not the way most medical specialists count weeks. Therefore, it should really be viewed as a ban on abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy. Violators could be fined $4,000. The bill then passed the Judiciary Committee. It will now go to the full state Senate for a vote.


Women in Missouri may have more time to consider whether abortion is the right decision for them. The state House passed a bill to increase the waiting period for an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours by a 115-37 vote on Wednesday. Nine Democrats joined the chamber's Republican majority. It must pass the chamber a second time. However, Senate Democrats launched a filibuster against the Senate version of the bill on Wednesday." [end quote] from :; sent to inbox to help publicize.

Also, remember that being prolife activist is as high risk as being an abolitionist was in the 1800-1900's. The same federal government that harasses and persecuted those who thought slavery was wrong and those who wanted voting privileges for all people, now harass and persecute prolife activists. And the public schools are brain-washing students every day that having children is nearly akin to a "crime" and being told in very subliminal, subtle, built into textbooks, sly attacks, they must abort their babies to get an education or a job, or a husband. The evil ngo of Planned Parenthood money flows more than the liquor in Washington D.C. and it has bought more legislators than the public knows. The dollars flows from the U S taxpayers to the Dept of Defense to Planned Parenthood. It is "embedded" in almost every "program" for foreign aid, every program for defense, every school allottment of federal money, and the ObamaCare fake health reform was specifically written to make sure it flows to hospitals and killing centers for killing tiny U S citizens in the womb. More and more, I realize it will probably take a civil war to disengorge Planned Parenthood from Congress and from the White House, and from the public schools. Planned Parenthood is the number one threat to the survival of the U S as a country . It intends to depopulate the country until it is the size of dead and dying Italy and or Greece.

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