Thursday, November 14, 2013

PROLIFE beliefs; updated

There are a few prolife issues that I want to discuss in this post. First, let me say that any person who stands for hours in a public debate anywhere and insists on the "right" to kill tiny, defenseless humans is NOT prolife, regardless of how they phrase their explanations, or preface their remarks. There is no way to make a premeditated, intentional killing of an innocent human into a prolife event. Being prolife means not promoting killing of innocents, or doing killing of innocents.

Second, though I am Republican, I take exception to the bill sponsored in Congress by Sen Lindsey Graham [Republican of SC]. For the same reason as in the above paragraph. Sen Graham is wanting to ban abortions after 20 weeks gestation in the womb. Twenty weeks is five months pregnant, and baby is fully formed, with a heart beat, and moving about in womb, and sucking thumb, and responding to loud noises, or music. To say it is a "right" to kill them at 19 weeks, or 18 weeks or any time is a heinous lie and leads to sin against GOD. In the Ten Commandments, GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill", and it is Exodus 20:13, King James Holy Bible. The Congress of the U S desperately needs some born again believers who know that GOD is GOD* and His Commandments are for all generations. There are many scriptures about that and about preserving human life and the consequences of sin. So Republicans, get a grip on reality. JESUS said, 'every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." Matthew 12: 25, KJV. If Republicans have one foot in the republican party platform and one in the realm of the devil [those who kill tiny humans] how then shall they accomplish anything, or endure?

And this comment to CBS News of Dallas Forth Worth [@CBSDFW] I expect you to devote equal time for the upcoming Gov of Texas election to the real prolife candidate since you interviewed the pro-death candidate unnamed to not promote her but the one who filibustered Texas Legislature for right to kill tiny humans.

Also, the Wyandot County Right to Life Society has a discussion of how ObamaCare was intended to promote abortion with government dollars. Obama is the "poster boy" for Planned Parenthood mass murdering of innocents, killing fields. It is shameful but true. He made no bones about it and gloated on national TV how he was promoting that killing org named Planned Parenthood. I object when prolife newsletters splash full glossy photos of Obama on their covers because it misleads people who don't bother to read the words. I object to Planned Parenthood's entire agenda, and their use of euphemistic words to deceive the stupid and or those ignorant of human anatomy and physiology, and human development.

I drew in pencil some of the stages of human development and put the sketches with my notes written on them, on a website of mine at:

Also, and I mentioned this on another blog of mine: I think the music video by Darryl Worley entitled "you still got it" is one of the most powerful tools for the prolife cause. It helps women feel good about being pregnant, and it encourages heterosexual older couples to enjoy sex. It's a win-win.


*Footnote: I believe John 10:30, KJV to be truth --that JESUS in the flesh when He was on earth; and glorified and alive in heaven is ONE with the FATHER GOD Spirit in heaven.

Gloria Poole,RN artist at my apt in Missouri; 14-Nov-2013 at 1:42pm Updated on 3-Dec-2013 by me Gloria Poole, RN to add this :

I put two medical photos of how humans look as they develop in the womb, on one of my twitter accounts at You can follow me on twitter at any or all of these: @gloriapoole; @personhood1; @gloria_poole; and on other Twitter accts of mine also.

Also, I am appalled that the state of NY allowed a lawsuit to move forward to grant legal personhood status to chimpanzees! NY is the very same state that started the ungodly feminist movement that legalized the killing of tiny human beings in the womb as an act of defiance against The Almighty GOD 's commandment in Genesis 1:27-28, KJB. How can they be so evil as to deny to humans-in-wombs the legal rights of personhood, while trying to grant them to animals? There are some psychopaths in NY I think. I lived in NY for a year, and I like it generally speaking, but some things they do are shocking.

Gloria Poole, RN at my apt in Missouri; 3-Dec-2013 at 9:20am.