Friday, October 21, 2011

Save the Baby Humans-Vote Prolife

I am writing to remind you that the U S is a republic [not a democracy]. A republic has a previously agreed upon set of rules that guide it, whereas a democracy is sort of mob rule. The reason this matters, is because a nation that collectively agreed upon a set of rules in periods of quiet make better decisions that when decisions are made as bullets and predator drones are flying. As a republic, we have the U S Constitution and the Amendments to it, and the preamble to it, to guide Congress, and supposedly the President [but Obama is ignoring the Constitution and being a tyrant, despot, leader-killer as in Africa].
One of the principles of all law in the US is that innocent people should not be put to death. Yet, the number one way that happens is via abortion. Abortion in the US is killing the nation literally as there are few born in America citizens coming along in future generations. IF you doubt that, then look around you at church, & at restaurants, at play grounds in the city. Look at the schools and see how many other-than-citizens are in U S public schools.
What should you do to correct the depopulation of the U S?
1) get married to opposite sex and have children;
2) vote prolife always;
3) ask your school library to remove propaganda from Planned Parenthood [that is in many many resources including specific directions how, where for abortions, that is deliberating teaching minors to sin and risk their lives];
4) march for life often;
5) picket abortuary killing fields and centers;
6) write Congress and ask them to defund Planned Parenthood, and end abortion by writing prolife amendment;
7) never give money to the democratic party that is the backbone of merciless slaughter of innocents in womb;
8) write your newspapers to publish the facts about candidates including their stand on the abortion issue so you know who to vote for;
9) volunteer in a pregnancy center;
10) help support pregnant unmarried women [ yes, I believe a minor that gets pregnant is considered a woman by GOD since her reproductive organs work on GOD's timetable];
11) donate money to the prolife news and the prolife causes including and { I have no connection to them but do read the news there and support them some].
12) teach your children these scriptures: Exodus 20:13, jeremiah 1:5, Proverbs 31:8;Psalms 33:12,Psalms 34:11,Matthew 18:14, John 10:10; John 14:6 and search the scriptures for all the prolife scriptures because there are many. All scriptures referenced in King James Holy Bible. And you live by them also.
Saving the human race from premeditated destruction by the killing organization of Planned Parenthood requires a committment from citizens. Do all you can do, as often as you can do it, and when you can't , recruit others.
Gloria Poole,RN; licensed in Missouri; @my apt in Missouri; 1:05pm;21-Oct-2011

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