Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Preventing HIV by not preventing children

At in an article written by:
Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today
Published: October 03, 2011, and reviewed medically by
 Robert Jasmer, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; is this quote:
" women using hormonal contraception had nearly twice the risk of catching HIV as those using other methods or none, according to Jared Baeten, MD, of the University of Washington in Seattle, and colleagues.

But the study also found – for the first time – that HIV-negative male partners of women with the virus also face an increased risk if the women use hormonal methods of contraception, mainly injections of long-acting depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), Baeten and colleagues reported online in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.";
I am posting this here today because it matters. HIV is a scourge , a plaque if you use Bible terminology. It causes AIDS. I have always believed it is a form of punishment for one of 3 sins: eating meats GOD said not to eat [Read health care laws section of Leviticus}; and of se-xua-l sins of sodomy, adultery, promiscuity; and of tampering with/modifying human blood and or ingesting it. This study funded by the National Institute of Medicine [NIH} and the Gates Foundation has linked the use of hormonal contraceptives to HIV. Well. in a way that is not surprising because hormones created or ingested from sources outside your own body are fraught with risks, because hormones are powerful drugs acting on all body systems. If you tamper with/ alter enough of the chemical make-up* of your blood supply which takes nutrients to every cell and removes waste from every cell, of course you affect how you body responds to stress and contaminants you might get via -sex- . That is easy to comprehend. You are sort of what you ingest to a degree.
And it makes sense because GOD said plainly in the very first Commandment of Genesis to 'be fruitful & multiply". [Genesis 1:28]. So when humans defy GOD there are consequences according to Deuteronomy chapter 28. And when they obey GOD there are blessings also, same chapter.
Obey GOD. Produce living children for the sake of your family, your self and your country. Quit contraceptives in any fashion or form. Have the chilren GOD created in your womb. Defy the devil by not killing your children in utero,and obey GOD.

*Footnote: your blood stream has Ca+ , K+, Sodium [Na], Chloride, glucose and other minerals in it. There is a delicate balance of these for good health and good acid-base balance.
Gloria Poole,RN;@my apt in Missouri; 10:37am;4-Oct-2011

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