Friday, August 26, 2011

& Justice for all...

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." I am adding this here because it is the root of a principle in the United States that each person should be treated equally by the law. In the news today on in the justice section-tab, is the follow-up to the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case and I want to comment on it. The woman who accuses him, a Ms. Diallo from Guinea, said in that article that if he had been a bus driver, the outcome would have been different and he would have been prosecuted. I have these remarks to make about that statement: I am the victim of several domestic events against me and in the professional circles I outranked the man who hurt me several times and tried to kill me because I am a Registered Nurse, and he was a masseuse. It didn't make any difference. There were people who testified that they heard me screaming as he was hurting me--it was not admitted into court . I had a written letter that testified of his intent to harm by quoting his own words that he intended too, and it was considered "not relevant" to the case. He was arrested 3 times before for the same offense of domestic violence and those were not admitted as 'relevant' to the case. I told 5 judges about it, and I had documentation of my medical records showing the metal implanted in my leg to repair the fractures he caused me, and with RN's and other medical professionals documenting it. I told medical professionals at the once-prestigious Univ of Colorado and they documented it but apparently did not call the Police to report it as they were supposed too. When I told this, the Judges would say this is not the right court for that and apparently no court is the right court for prosecuting a violent man in Colorado.
My point is that in the US "justice" is not following a set of written rules but is interpreted as what best helps the baby-killing-establishment of the Obama administration. Mr Strauss-Kahn at the time of that event in NYC w/ Ms Diallo that is now considered mutual agreement, was the head of a very powerful organization : the International Monetary Fund; and Obama wanted control of it. Ms . Diallo, if Mr Strauss-Kahn had not been famous, neither you nor he would be in the national news. He would not have been handcuffed and televised; nor brought to trial. If he had been a bus driver, he would have been allowed a plea bargain that if he admitted it, there would be no real punishment. If he had been a bus driver or other blue collar type worker and you were an emigrant he probably would not have been charged with any crime to begin with. If Obama had not wanted Mr. Strauss-Kahn removed from power with you as the pawn, none of those events of television interviews, TV, a trial would have happened. And remember in the US only those accused of a crime, or known to have committed crimes have a right to a taxpayer-provided attorney--the innocent are on their own. I think that turns justice on its head. I do not think justice should be determined by what serves the current administration, or by what pampers the wicked.
I have always believed in the concept of law and order, because The Bible teaches it. And I am seeking justice for the preborn humans in every thing that I do. The preborn humans have no civil liberties but they should. They have no 'right to life' as guaranteed by founding documents of the principles of public law in the U S, but they should. They are human, with human DNA, human chromosones, human bodies, human minds, human spirits, and they should have all civil liberties of humans.
The reason I am writing on this topic today is precisely because it stands in bold obvious incongruence of what the US is supposed to be about. Mr Strauss-Kahn was prosecuted BECAUSE he is rich and once-powerful and did not please Obama apparently or kow-tow to him. It really had nothing to do with you Ms Diallo of Guinea. You were only the weapon against him.
The U S has many courts and many Judges. Most of them have no common sense unfortunately nor any sort of medical knowledge and they feed off the pablum of Planned Parenthood. Courts that bend and sway with whoever is in office are not real courts at all, but only there to rubber-stamp decisions made by those in high places. When the baby-killing establishment of Planned Parenthood sues to get the "right" to kill, the opposing side never brings a prolife bona-fide professional to testify against the abortionists-assassins, because that wuld win the case for the prolife side. And they probably don't because the presiding Judge gets political donations & favors from Planned Parenthood killing regime. So they don't allow evidence that win the case for those the killing establishment of Obama does not want to win. The Casey Anthony trial is another example of the fake "justice" to establsih a killing right of infanticide that Obama is trying to force into the public law. It is child sacrifice and so is abortion but heathens always believed in the right to kill.
I believe that in time, in GOD's timing and with HIS methods HE will set things right in the US. It might take 400 yrs of bondage as in the Bible's story of the Jews, and generations of misery in America before the people turn back to GOD, but I believe GOD will have HIS way on the earth.
Gloria Poole,RN;@my apt in Missouri; 8:59am;26-Aug-2011.
Update to add another example of "justice" skewed by the Obama administration: "At issue are two separate floods. In early May, the corps exploded an earthen levee in southeast Missouri to relieve some of the water pressure on levees protecting Cairo, Ill., which is on the opposite bank of the Mississippi River. As a result, about 130,000 acres of fertile Missouri farmland were swamped.
Some lawmakers also blame the corps for the ongoing flooding along the Missouri River, which has affected northwest Missouri as well as several other states.."

Missouri wants federal govt to pay the costs of the damage to the farm land when Army Corps of Engineers flood Missouri to save Ohio. Was Missouri treated equally? Were farmers' homes and private lands treated equally as say the indian lands managed by the federal government. The federal government would NEVER dare flood Indian reservations, or the farmland around Chicago. But Missouri is prolife so Obama ordered Corps of Engineers to flood a good part of the state by blowing up levees. They build levees in black new Orleans and blow them up in white Missouri .


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