Friday, August 12, 2011

Arizona Ct of Appeals, thank u for yest ruling

I read in the Yahoo news today that the Arizona Court of Appeals, ruled against Planned Parenthood, and thank GOD! And I want to publicly thank them for that. The provisions of Arizona's new public law that they upheld are all good, and they are:
1) requiring women to have a face to face consultation with a medical doctor 24 hrs in advance of abortion, which seems to me a no-brainer except that the waiting period should be 9 months to allow baby to be born alive! . [Really, could you imagine allowing any person you never met or saw before do invasive, deadly things to you?]
2) Requiring minor girls to have notarized consent of their parents before getting abortion, That is also a no-brainer since the parents would also be the GRANDparents of the baby in womb, and should be allowed to exert pressure to save the baby's life.
3) Requiring that only MD's be allowed to do abortions, eliminating para-pros who are not nearly as educated or skilled as MD's. Of course I believe that GOOD medical doctors do not kill those in the womb or out of it. And I would not ever address an abortionist-assassin-of-innocents as 'Dr." That would be a gross injustice to all the real doctors.
Thank you Arizona Court of Appeals for seeing the truth and ruling against Planned Parenthood's fast track to death plan for Arizona 's girls, and women. And you know what else, even in an emergency room a person meets their doctor face to face in most cases. It is unfathomable to me that any one would allow anyone they never met to do a procedure that could kill them,maim them, paralyze them, sterilize them, ruin their lives forever. In fact, I think a woman who would do that should have a psych exam to see if she is crazy.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 6:18pm;12-Aug-2011

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